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The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

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The Adventures of Mini-Goddess
Adventures of Mini-Goddess title.jpg
Premiere April 6, 1998
Finale March 29, 1999
Creator Kosuke Fujishima
Network WOWOW
Style 7-minute anime shorts
Company Oriental Light and Magic
Seasons 2
Episodes 48
Origin Japan

The Adventures of Mini-Goddess (Aa Megami-sama: Chicchaitte Koto wa Benri da ne) is a series of animated shorts featuring the goddesses from the Ah! My Goddess/Oh My Goddess! series. In them, while Keiichi is away, they will shrink themselves to miniscule size and play with the other residents of the Tariki Hongan Temple (mainly rats, especially one named Gan-chan).



Japanese Voices English Voices Character
Main Cast
Akemi Okamura (1-13) Ruby Marlowe Belldandy
Kikuko Inoue (14-48)
Yumi Touma Wendee Lee Urd
Aya Hisakawa Sherry Lynn Skuld
Mitsuo Iwata Anthony Mozdy Gan-chan / Mitsuo Iwata
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Urara Takano Jane Alan Marla


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One April 6, 1998 September 28, 1998 24
Season Two October 5, 1998 March 28, 1999 24


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
The Gan-chan Files February 12, 2002 1
The Belldandy Files April 9, 2002 1
The Urd Files June 11, 2002 1
The Skuld Files August 13, 2002 1
Complete Series
DVD Box Special July 1, 2003 4

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