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The A-Team/Dishpan Man (1)

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Dishpan Man (1)
Season 5, Episode 1
Airdate September 26, 1986
Production Number 1506
Written by Stephen J. Cannell
Directed by Tony Mordente
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The Sound of Thunder
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Trial by Fire (2)
The A-TeamSeason Five
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Dishpan Man (1) is the first episode of the fifth season of The A-Team, and the eighty-sixth episode overall.

Starring: George Peppard (John Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton Peck), Dwight Schultz (H.M. Murdock)

and Mr. T (Bosco "B.A." Baracus)

Also Starring: Robert Vaughn (Hunt Stockwell)

Guest Stars: Sandy McPeak (Josh Curtis), David A. Hess (Ben Al Fraden), Fernando Escandon (), Judith Ledford (Cara)

and Eddie Velez (Frankie Santana)

Co-Starring: Stanley Brock (), Marc Tubert (), Hector Jaime Mercado (), Andrew Divoff ()

Featuring: John Durbin (Ramon Souley), Richard Whitaker (Able Three), Patrice Chanel (Newswoman), Thomas Stoviak (Paramedic), Douglas Johnson (Male Nurse), Houshang Touzie (Akim), Frank Moon (Doctor), Robert Gallo (Controller), Kelly Lynn Pushkin (Melinda), Teru McPhie (Margaret)


Plot Overview

Hannibal gets into an accident on the Set of a Picture that he is doing.He is rushed to the Hospital with minor burns.The Team visits Hannibal at the Hospital.He introduces them to Frankie Santana,a Special Effects Man who was working with Hannibal on the Set.Frankie shows a reckless streak towards the guys,but Hannibal likes him nonetheless.He is an expert on certain matters other than Special Effects,like jewelry.He sees B.A.'S Jewels,and gives advice as to how to clean them within minutes instead of hours for which it takes B.A. to clean them.He advises Face on how to make his Car run smoother,and for Murdock he advises how to better clean his trademark Jacket.Frankie leaves so that the Team can talk to Hannibal.They watch a report on the News about a Plane Hijacking.Elsewhere,a mysterious figure has been keeping tabs on The Team.He has men stationed outside the Hospital where Hannibal is recovering at.The Mysterious figure orders his men to abduct Hannibal from his Hospital Room,and bring him to a secret place for a talk.They abduct Hannibal after rendering him unconscience.He awakens to find himself on a secret Airplane.The mysterious man introduces himself as a retired General whose name is Hunt Stockwell.He does not say from what Government he works for.In fact he denies working for any Government.All he says to Hannibal is that he (Stockwell) officially does not exist. What he tells Hannibal is that he knows more about him,and the other members of his Team than what the Newspapers have been written about.He has been following the many activies of the A-Team for some time,and whenever he wanted Hannibal,he know just where to get him.Which is why Hannibal is there now.His purpose,or rather his suppose purpose for having Hannibal abducted is for he,and the Team to go on a rescue mission.The job is to rescue the passingers from the Hijacked Plane in Mexico.This Mission is no ordinary Mission for the A-Team.It is a very important one for them,and for Stockwell.On that Airplane,there is a Passenger who could prove their innocence of Robbing vthe Bank of Hanoi during the close of the Vietnam War.The Passengers name is Josh Curtis,a Man who also knew about the secret mission given to the A-Team to rob the Bank of Hanoi.This Man clear Hannibal,and Team.Stockwell has his own agenda for wanting Josh Curtis rescued from the Airplane.He does not say what his agenda is,but gives Hannibal a choice to either accept the assignment,or be turned over to the Military.Hannibal tells Stockwell that he will have to talk to his Team before he can make any decision.Stockwell agrees.So,he releases Hannibal,but gives him a secret number where he can be contacted if he,and the Team members agree.Hannibal meets with the others,and explains what had happened to him,and about seeing Josh Curtis(whom the A-Team thought had been killed in the Shelling with Colonel Morrison)Hannibal does not trust this Stockwell character,but he believes that if rescuing Curtis who could provide proof of their innocence,then they should accept the Mission.Hannibal calls for a vote.Each Team Member votes Yes to the Mission.The A-Team would also add Frankie Santana whose special effects expertise would come in handy.They then contact Stockwell who gives each Team Member a number beginning with the Codename:Empress.Little do the Team knows that Dishpan Frankie Santana is secretly,and reluctantly working for Stockwell.He provides Stockwell with detailed info on the Teams activities.Frankie is soon found out by Hannibal.He explains his prediciment.His Father is in a Nursing Home,very ill.Stockwell had his Father's pension check stopped.Either Frankie works for him,or his Father's Pension Checks stop,or gets lost in the Mail.The A-Team still wants Frankie's help,but will keep a close eye on him despite what he told them.They all succeed in rescuing the hostages,including Curtis.Now,it is a matter of what to do.Stockwell expectsThe Team to rendevous at a specific place,but Hannibal has another idea.Hannibal wants their name cleared,but wants to do it leaving Stockwell( whom he still does not trust )out of it.Curtis at first seems willing to clear them,until,and surprising to the Team,Stockwell,and his men appears.This is when Curtis tells Stockwell that he saw The A-Team murder Colonel Morrison.With this Stockwell renages on his deal with the The A-Team,and has them arrested(minus Murdock).


Arc Advancement





The Show

Robert Vaughn and Eddie Velez join the Cast.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Murdock flying in the air,and falls to the ground.Then putting on his act to confuse,and stall the Hijackers.