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Episode 546
Season 3, Episode 188
Airdate September 22, 1982
Production Number 546
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TexasSeason Three
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Episode 546 is the one-hundred eighty-eighth episode of the third season of Texas and the five-hundred forty-sixth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Christine tells Billy Joe that she was the only thing missing in his career. When Reena leaves, Judith tells Grant that he is still in love with Reena. Ashley asks Gregory if Justin is coming over. Ashley tells Gregory that Justin will be at the ranch and she has to go too but Doris will stay with him. Then Kate calls Ashley and tells her she hasn't seen Justin. Grant tells Judith he cares about Reena but has let her go and Reena is in the past. Then he tells Judith that something is bothering her and asks her not to shut him out. But Judith tells Grant it is just her. George stops by Pg.1 and asks Paige if she is okay and offers to drive her to the ranch to be with her friends. When George leaves she begins to drink again. Christine tells Billy Joe she can make him look good but he has to do something to get his life together. Then Billy Joe leaves when Ruby arrives. Joel comforts a sad Lurlene at the ranch and she tells him that this is where he belongs, working the land. Lurlene also tells him that his happiness is important to her. Ruby and Christine disagree on Ruby's care for her clients and then Rikki joins them to discuss the record contest and Ruby thinks they should ensure that they get a good winner. Billy Joe tells Paige he needs to see Justin to get a loan to pay off his debt so he can get Nita back. Paige tells Billy Joe she will loan him the money. Then, when Billy Joe leaves, Paige calls her banker and says she needs to borrow money and will put everything she has up for collateral. Ruby drops by Marshall Oaks and Ashley tells her that nothing has changed as far as Billy Joe is concerned and she should still talk to Justin about such things. On the phone, Ginny talks to Steve and Barrett about Ryan passing on. Then she tells Grant her life with Ryan came and went like a dream. T.J. and Ashley stop by the ranch and see Lurlene. Then Ashley tells him that no one has seen Justin. Then Ginny enters and they comfort her and Ginny tells T.J. she wants to get back to work as soon as possible. Brette and Rikki arrive and see Reena, who is thinking about Max and everyone. Brette tells Reena she would like them to be friends again. Reena runs into Ashley in the den and they exchange words about what she did at the board meeting. Reena tells Ashley that Justin will win and take Gregory away. Lurlene, Rikki, Joel and Brette talk about Ryan and then Lurlene invites them to stop by the Coop later on. A drunk Paige, with George, runs into T.J. and then George leaves and T.J. advises Paige not to take all this out on herself but Paige walks out. Christine tells Hunt she thinks she and Billy Joe will work well together. She also tells Hunt that she values his advice and feels as if she has known him before. Judith runs into George and assumes he came with Reena. George lets her know that she is afraid and tells her that he didn't come with Reena. Then he calls Judith and Reena merely convenient for him and tells Judith he came with Paige Marshall and is protecting her. Judith tells George that Paige needs protection from him. George tells Judith that is the last time she ever insults him. Reena arrives at the hotel suite looking for Justin.



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