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Episode 389
Season 3, Episode 31
Airdate February 15, 1982
Production Number 389
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Episode 389 is the thirty-first episode of the third season of Texas and the three-hundred eighty-ninth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Reena tries to get Vicky to have dinner with her and Grant but Vicky says she is going to stay home and do paper work. Rikki and Brette are about to break into Miles' room when a man catches them. Miles is shot by Gretchen and then Gretchen hides when she hears Lurlene coming. Hawker and Boots introduce themselves to Ruby and tell her they want to be her silent partners in backing Rikki record. Roger tells Nita how she has come a long way from the girl in Waco. Vicky tells Reena she is going to try to track Striker down and then after Grant picks Reena up, Vicky tries to work but thinks of Striker. Billy Joe arrives and meets Roger. Rikki bribes the hotel man to let them into Miles' room. Lurlene sees Miles on the floor in the apartment and runs away. Reena tells Grant she is worried about Vicky and so Grant suggests they go back and have dinner at the house with her. Vicky arrives at Hunt's bar and he tells her how glad he is to see her. Hawker and Boots leave the Coop when an upset Lurlene arrives and then she tells Ruby that the man they knocked out is back. Billy Joe learns from Roger that he isn't married and then shortly afterward, Roger leaves. Rikki and Brette search Miles' room but there is no sign of him so they leave. As they leave Adams follows them. Lurlene tells Ruby that Brette's friend is on the floor of their apartment dead and so Ruby says they are going to the apartment. Reena arrives home with Grant and is surprised that Vicky isn't home. Hunt talks Vicky into singing again. Billy Joe admits to Nita that he is jealous of Roger. Reena and Grant have a long talk after dinner about their lives when they were married and agree to build their relationship on caring and sharing and not on loneliness. As Vicky sings "It Had To Be You" Nita and Billy Joe kiss and Reena and Grant kiss. Rikki introduces Elena to Brette and then Adams watches as Brette tries to call Miles. Ruby opens the apartment door and tells Lurlene there is no body on the floor and then someone arrives. Ruby and Lurlene get rid of Gretchen and then Lurlene tries to convince Ruby that Brette's friend really was on the floor dead.



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