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Episode 363
Season 3, Episode 5
Airdate January 8, 1982
Production Number 363
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Episode 363 is the fifth episode of the third season of Texas and the three-hundred sixty-third episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Mark leaves for work and then Brette tells Vivien that she thinks Grant is falling in love with Reena and then Grant finds them talking. Mr. Hannibal tells Hawker and Boots he wants them to become good buddies with Justin. Ashley tells Justin she thinks they both came down too hard on Gregory. Gregory buys a ticket to Marshall Village. Grant tells Brette and Vivien that he was just on the phone with Iris and he has offered to buy the house which she has accepted and so he will need to ship all the furniture to her in New York and redecorate. Reena tells Striker that she likes Grant. Ruby tells Billy Joe he made a mistake marrying Nita and then Lurlene enters with some good news. Gregory learns he is $2.65 short in getting a ticket so he asks people for help. Lurlene tells Ruby and Billy Joe she bought a new pickup truck. Hawker and Boots arrive to see Justin. Hawker and Boots meet Ashley and then tell Justin they have big plans for him. Mr. Hannibal tells Beau he better find the fire compass or he will be replaced. Gregory finally gets the money and a bus ticket to Marshall Village. Grant tells Reena he is buying Iris' house and then Reena tells Grant all she knows about Miles Renquist. An unhappy Ruby tells Billy Joe that she has to find a new meal ticket and fast. Ashley tells Justin she can't go to the sight of the new Marshall mansion because she has an appointment with Dr. Kirkman and talks Justin out of going with her. Reena tells Brette that Grant thinks there might be something between her and Miles. Mark tells Grant that he is thinking of moving into the penthouse suite. Gregory arrives on the ranch and Kate tells him that Steve traded the car to Buddy Coleman Jr. and their place is 10 miles due east across the pasture and it is too late to go there now. When Kate leaves to get the ranch hand to take Gregory back to the bus station, Gregory leaves. Mark meets Striker and Striker says he will get the information Mark wants on Hawker and Boots. Justin tells Billy Joe in the future he will tell him what he is going to do and not just get married on his own and Billy Joe says no way. Kate tells Beau that Gregory must have left for the Coleman's to get back the race car instead of the wooden puzzle. Ashley arrives to see Mr. Hannibal. Gregory hides from Beau.


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