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Episode 243
Season 2, Episode 137
Airdate July 17, 1981
Production Number 243
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Episode 243 is the one-hundred thirty-seventh episode of the second season of Texas and the two-hundred forty-third episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Striker arrives at Iris' and she tells him if he won't change Alex's will she will get another lawyer. Rikki brings Nita another baby gift and then mentions that he may soon be unemployed. Billy Joe talks to Elena about singing at the Coop but she doesn't want to. Jeb tells Max that he found some of Rikki's clothes in the hayloft of barn #3 while cleaning up for the barn dance. Elena meets Ruby and then learns that the Coop needs to make more money so she agrees to sing. Rikki tells Nita, Maggie and Angela that he wants to leave World Oil and find something new and exciting to do. Striker tells Iris another lawyer will tell her the same thing and Grant says he thinks Ryan should continue to run the company but Iris says she intends to find out more about Alex's death. Jeb tells Max that Elena went into town and that she still seems jumpy. Elena and Billy Joe make apologize to each other for everything and then Elena realizes that Joe is probably back in the room he held her hostage in and she says she has to leave. Ruby questions Billy Joe about whether or not Elena is playing with a full deck. Grant tells Iris that from all he has heard Ryan did a great deal to keep Alex alive last year and Iris agrees but says it changed when Dennis acknowledged Alex as his father. Lacy and Grant make plans to see Max about a horse farm. Billy Joe introduces Ruby to Nita, Maggie and Angela and then finds out that Rikki brought Nita the same gift he brought over. Iris tells Vivien she is going to talk to Dennis. Elena arrives to see Joe. Elena tells Joe that she loves him and won't leave him and they kiss. Grant meets Max and Jeb and talks about a horse farm. Nita gives Billy Joe the ring back that he bought her and says she can't trust him anymore. Grant introduces Lacy to Max. Iris tells Dennis' of Alex's wish to leave him World oil and also says that they must take the company away from Ryan. Elena tells Joe she will get him a burger from the diner. Jeb and Lacy have words until Max tells her who she is. Dennis tells Iris he won't help her because he likes Ryan. Then Dennis reminds Iris how she has ruined his life and they have a bitter argument. Elena tells Joe that one of the men who stole the money, named Gus, works at the diner and Joe tells Elena they are gonna get the money back and kisses her.



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