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Surface s1e01.jpg
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate September 19, 2005
Production Number 101
Written by Josh Pate,
Jonas Pate
Directed by Jonas Pate,
Josh Pate
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Episode 2
SurfaceSeason One

Pilot is the first episode of the first season of Surface, and the first episode overall.

Guest Stars: Ric Reitz (Ron Bennett), Shishir Kurup (Dr. Krishna Singh), Jason Davis (Sean), Kelly Collins (Tracy Connelly), Austin Tichenor (Gov't Panel Admiral), Ramon Chavez (Grandfather), Anson Scoville (Medic), Grant Garrison (Suit #1), Randy Oglesby (John Clisson), Bill Bolender (Old Man), Brian Patrick Wade (O.D. Commander), Travis Brorsen (Navy Guard Officer #2), Donn Swaby (Andy Cline), Eric Pierpoint (Admiral Philip Geary), John Aylward (), Susan Merson (Gov't Panel Suit #3), Don Tai (Navy Guard), Johanna Braddy (Lisa), Stephanie Siemiller (Lady #2), Kristen Ariza (Marilyn Prickett), Brent Sexton (Bud), Sean McGowan (Clean Room Comm. Tech.), Jose Isordia (Boy), Conor O'Farrell (Barry), Connor Ross (Zack), Eric Ladin (George Owen), Michael Charles Roman (Greg), Court Young (Barry Cobb)


Plot Overview

The episode opens in San Diego Miles encountering a mysterious creature while water skiing at night. He later returns to find a strange egg case, which he takes home. Placing it in his family's fishtank, the egg hatches releasing some form of amphibious creature.

Far away in Antarctica, Dr. Aleksander Cirko is flown in to oversee the recovery of a wayward US Submarine, over 5000 miles off course. The submarine is found abandoned with the crew vanished and shows signs of external physical and electrical damage.

On the West Coast, Dr. Daughtery "Dee" Carstarphen, encounters a number of underwater 'craters' while in a deep submersible in the North Pacific and encounters several of the creatures coming out of a vent.

Near the Gulf Coast, Richard Owens, is spearfishing with his brother when they encounter a creature. His inexperienced brother fires a harpoon at the creature and is dragged down and presumably dies. Richard falls unconscious while trying to rescue him, and after coming out of decompression

In South Carolina, a dead creature washes up on the beach and Dr. Cirko's team covers it up as a dead Sperm Whale.


  • Dee finds the vents at 5000 ft down and the vent shows a depth of 3500 ft.

Arc Advancement


  • It is shown that the creatures give off a blueish-green glow while underwater.
  • The submarine receives electrical damage as if struck by lightning and has bite marks on the outer hull.
  • The tooth recovered from the South Carolina carcass is said to have no known connection to the fossil record.
  • The show concludes with an ominous meteor shower near Belize.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Dee: This wasn't part of any phylum or any subgrouping. Barry, seriously, this could be what we've been working for. A higher mammalian species. C'mon!.
  • Barry: Okay, let me say this out loud and see how it plays. This morning you saw a sea monster.
  • Dee: Yeah!
  • Dr. Cirko: This was recovered near the sighting in South Carolina. The tooth has no known antecedent in the fossil record. It is as if it just fell from the sky.