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The Nox
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate September 12, 1997
Production Number 107
Written by Hart Hanson
Directed by Charlie Correll
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Stargate SG-1Season One
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The Nox is the eighth episode of the first season of Stargate SG-1, and the eighth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Gary Jones (Technician/Sergeant Walter Davis), Peter Williams (Apophis), Armin Shimerman (Anteaus), Ray Xifo (Opher), Frida Betrani (Lya), Terry David Mulligan (Secretary of Defence David Swift), Addison Ridge (Nafrayu), Michasa Armstrong (Shak'l), Zoran Vukelic (Jaffa)


Plot Overview

Under government pressure to discover superior technologies, O'Neill and the team head to a planet Teal'c remembers, which has creatures called Fenri that possess the power of invisibility. They arrive to discover a Goa'uld hunting party, led by Apophis, is already there tracking the Fenri. O'Neill's attempt at an ambush goes horribly wrong and the members of the SG-1 team are killed. They are resurrected, along with Shak'l, a Jaffa who was also killed in the battle by the Nox. The Nox are a small, peaceful, fairy-like people who occupy the planet previously thought to be uninhabited. The Nox can make things invisible - it is they who shield the A'kasha (a flying insect-like creature) from the sight of the hunters - and bring back the dead. But can they stand up to the deadly technology of the Goa'uld once Shak'l reveals their secret and location to Apophis? O'Neill and the team offer to defend the Nox against Apophis, but the peaceful little people have their own solution, far beyond the understanding of either Goa'ulds or the people of Earth.


  • Syndication airdate: October 26, 1998.
  • SG-5 went to P3C-117
  • Up to this episode the SGC have visited 20 separate worlds, (including the Nox homeworld), since the establishment of the Stargate Command.
  • Armin Shimmerman, who played Quark on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, makes a guest appearance in this episode.
  • The Nox planet was designated P3X-774.
  • Armin Shimerman is the first of six "Star Trek" regulars to appear on "Stargate SG-1", as of the end of the seventh season. He plays the Nox, Anteaus.

Arc Advancement



  • Peter Williams reprises his role as the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis.



The Show

  • The Nox are one of the 4 advanced races of which the SG-1 team meet, whose origin is known on the planet in Torment of Tantalus.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Race name: Nox

Nox is the Latin word for night. It was also the Roman name for the Greek "goddess" (really more of a primal force) Nyx. She was the mother of all things dark, hidden, and unknown. Oddly enough, she also gave birth to Day, Light, and Love.

Memorable Moments


Daniel: I think they're a family.
Jack: A family of what?
Daniel: I have no idea.


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