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The Athosians were the first race of humans encountered by the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus galaxy.


Major Characters

Teyla Emmagan

Leader of her people and member of Col. Sheppard's team on Atlantis.

See Teyla Emmagan


Another leader of the Athosian people and father of Jinto.

See Halling

Minor Characters


Played by: Reece Thompson

Jinto is Halling's son and moved to Atlantis with the rest of his people. He has a particular fondness for Col. Sheppard, altering a game he played with his friend to feature the then-Major.

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Tegan Emmagen

Played by: Never featured

Tegan was the father of Teyla and the leader of the Athosians until he was culled by the Wraith.

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Played by: Stefano Colacitti

Toran was an Athosian who was among those captured by the Wraith during Sumner's team's visit to his home world. He was taken from the cell where the others were being held aboard the Hive Ship. Later, when Sumner was brought before the Hive's Keeper, Sumner noticed Toran's lifeless body at the Wraiths' table, after having his life sucked out of him by the Wraith.

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Played by: Casey Dubois

Wex is a friend of Jinto who used to play games with him involving one of them wearing a Wraith mask and chasing the other. When they moved to Atlantis they changed the game so that the one wearing the mask was being chased by "Major Sheppard".

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