Spin City/Look Who's Not Talking

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Look Who's Not Talking
Airdate April 23, 2002
Written by Hadley Davis
Bonnie Schneider
Directed by Ted Wass
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Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
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A Tale of Four Cities
Spin CitySeason Six

Look Who's Not Talking is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of Spin City, and the one-hundred and forty-third episode overall.

Guest Starring: Perry King (Tom Callahan), Pat Kilbane (Pete)

Co-Starring: Henri Lubatti (Jean Pierre), Sung Kang (Jordan), Paul Eric Jerome (Nathan), Michael Longfield (Messenger)


Plot Overview

Caitlin ends her relationship with Tom and tells Charlie she's interested in dating him. When they go out on their first date, things are awkward... until they end up in bed together, that is. But are they ready for a real relationship? Meanwhile, the Mayor hires a temp, Pete, to fill in for Stuart while he's out, but Paul and Carter see him as a threat.