Spin City/A Tale of Four Cities

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A Tale of Four Cities
Airdate April 30, 2002
Written by Reese Bryant
Directed by Ted Wass
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Look Who's Not Talking
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A Friend in Need
Spin CitySeason Six

A Tale of Four Cities is the twenty-first episode of the sixth season of Spin City, and the one-hundred and forty-fourth episode overall.

Guest Starring: Mark Valley (Joseph Maxwell), Robert Hays (Stone Taylor)

Co-Starring: Lydie Denier (Simone), Pattie Tierce (Ottawa), Deborah Zoe (Carla Hayes), Terence Heuston (Waiter), Dirk Etchison (Conference Attendee)


Plot Overview

Unhappy with how Charlie interacts with an old flame, Caitlin tries to make Charlie jealous by showing interest in a reporter. The Mayors of New York and Los Angeles compete to make Paris their sister city.