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Girlie Show
Girlie Show
Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate March 24, 1995
Production Number 9503-12
Writer(s) Evan Dorkin
Sarah Dyer
Director(s) Andy DeLeo
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Space Ghost Coast to CoastSeason Two

Girlie Show is the second episode of the second season of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and is the thirteenth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Fran Drescher (Herself), Carol Channing (Herself), Alice Cooper (Himself), Russell Johnson (Unknown)


Plot Overview

Space Ghost appears after the opening titles to reveal that tonight's show is a special tribute to women, featuring Fran Drescher, Carol Channing and Alice Cooper. Space Ghost takes credit for this idea, to which Zorak says his idea, a musical tribute to Jack Klugman, was much better. The two get in a name calling match until Space Ghost stops it by saying that it's his show and what he says goes. Zorak goes on strike and Moltar shows an insane three second clip show of women from movies.

Enter guest #1, Fran Drescher. Space Ghost turns pale when she appears and then blushes. Space Ghost's crush on Drescher becomes more and more apparent with his questioning, particularly his infatuation with her voice. However, Fran is generally unresponsive and Space Ghost starts fumbling, so Zorak starts asking questions about Jack Klugman. Space Ghost eventually realizes that he's in love with Fran and the feed breaks.

The feed returns to Space Ghost babbling about his marriage plans while Zorak chants "Hey hey, ho ho, Space Ghost has got to go." But, when Fran reveals that she's married, Space Ghost sends her away. While he laments, Carol Channing appears on the screen. Space Ghost, depressed over Fran, barely carries on the interview but when Carol rejects him, he sends her away. The next guest is Alice Cooper, who he mistook as a women. Zorak ejects Space Ghost from his chair and takes over the show. He pays off Alice Cooper to go away and starts "The Klugman Revolution."



  • Fran Drescher: Best known for her role as the title character and executive producer of The Nanny, Fran Drescher is an American actress who gained fame through her trademark nasally whine, an accent she worked hard to rid herself of before she became popular. She married Peter Marc Jacobson in 1977.
  • Carol Channing: Carol Channing is an actress who starred in movies and musicals like Hello Dolly! and Lorelei, both musicals that took advantage of her abilities as both an actress and a singer.
  • Alice Cooper: Born Vincent Damon Furnier, Alice Cooper is a rock musician best known for jump starting the shock rock genre in the early 1970s with albums like Killer and School's Out. Cooper pioneered stage theatrics by including things like giant snakes and pyrotechnics in his lice show. He is most certainly not a woman.


The Show

  • The Laugh: Whenever Fran Drescher laughs, if you listen close, you can make out dogs barking and babies crying. Fran Drescher is notorious for having the most obnoxious laugh in television history.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Jack Klugman: Jack Klugman, the man who Zorak obsesses over for the duration of the episode, is an actor who famously portrayed starring characters on The Odd Couple and Quincy, M.E.. He also appeared on four episodes of The Twilight Zone (not three as Fran Drescher guessed) and in 12 Angry Men.
  • Proletariat: In Karl Marx's philosophies on communism, the proletariat was the oppressed lower class whom was destined to inherit the earth due to outnumbering the upper class bourgeoisie. Marx theorized that the history of man was defined by class conflict and the circle would only be broken once the downtrodden rose up in revolution against the wealthy.
  • Episcopalian: The episcopal church is a protestant religion that diverts from Catholicism mainly in the way that the church is run by bishops and not by elders or the congregation. The closest thing to the episcopal church is the Anglican in Britain.
  • Nanny and the Professor: Nanny and the Professor was a 1970s sitcom that aired on ABC, starring Juliet Mills and Richard Long, about a nanny who looks after a single professor's three children. It ran until the end of 1971 when the show was cancelled.

Memorable Moments

  • Zorak ejects Space Ghost through the ceiling and takes over the show.


  • Space Ghost: (still outside) Please, someone, anyone, tell me this is all just a horrible nightmare.
    Zorak: No, it's not! Space Ghost's fifteen minutes of lame are up! Let the Klugman revolution begin! (evil laugh)
    Zorak & Moltar: And now, Klugman, Klugman, Klugman, Klugman, Klugman!