Sons of Anarchy/Sons of Anarchy: North Country - EP

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Sons of Anarchy: North Country - EP
Release Date September 8, 2009
Record Label 20th Century Fox TV Records
Disc Count 0 (iTunes exclusive)
Track Count 5
Running Time 19m9s
Retail Price $4.95

Sons of Anarchy: North Country - EP is a five track iTunes exclusive collection of songs from the series including an extended version of the theme song . The song from which the collection gets its name, The Lions' cover of "Girl from the North Country" was not used until the season two premiere after the collection was released, same with Anvil's cover of "Slip Kid". Three of the five songs are accompanied by the series' music coordinator and composer, Bob Thiele, Jr., and other musicians performing as The Forest Rangers. It is the only place these songs are available for purchase as they were recorded specifically for Sons of Anarchy.

For information on when these songs were used in the show, please visit the Sons of Anarchy Music page that contains a list of songs that have been featured on the show's episodes.

Track Listing

# Song Artist Duration
1 This Life (Theme from Sons of Anarchy) Curtis Stigers & the Forest Rangers 2:22
2 Slip Kid Anvil & Franky Perez 3:49
3 John the Revelator Curtis Stigers & the Forest Rangers 5:34
4 Forever Young Audra Mae & the Forest Rangers 3:13
5 Girl from the North Country The Lions 4:11