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Seth Rogen/Spoon
Seth Rogen/Spoon
Season 33, Episode 2
Airdate October 6, 2007
Production Number 1493
Writer(s) Seth Meyers
Andrew Steele
Paula Pell (head writers)
Doug Abeles
James Anderson
Alex Baze
James Downey
Charlie Grandy
Steve Higgins
Colin Jost
Erik Kenward
John Lutz
Lorne Michaels
Matt Murray
Marika Sawyer
Akiva Schaffer
Robert Smigel
John Solomon
Emily Spivey
Jorma Taccone
Bryan Tucker
Director(s) Don Roy King
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Saturday Night LiveSeason Thirty-Three

Seth Rogen/Spoon is the second episode of the thirty-third season of Saturday Night Live, and the six hundred and twenty-ninth episode overall. It is the first appearance by both the host and musical guest.

Guest Stars: Seth Rogen (Host), Spoon (Musical Guest)

Special Guest Star: Chevy Chase (Himself)


Episode Breakdown

  • A Message from Kevin Federline: Kevin Federline (Samberg) addresses the nation about how he "recently" released an album a year before, has been dancing in his living room, how he's suing FedEx for stealing his name and how he got full custody of his kids. Federline tries to get parents in the world to listen to him since he's the "number one parent" now. He gives several tips to parents including "feed your kids" and "children are babe magnets." He also says that if you're going to Vegas for a month, he'll babysit the kids because he's good with balloon animals and calling poison control. He summarizes by saying he's like the new Bill Cosby because he's funny and black.
  • Seth Rogen's Monologue: Rogen talks about how he started writing Superbad when he was 13 with his friend Evan, and that when they put out the movie, he hoped that he'd be able to go on Saturday Night Live. He also says that they wrote his SNL monologue when they were kids. He decides that the monologue still holds up after 10 years and reads it, even though nothing it it is accurate, like RZA and Ghostface Killah making him the new leader of Wu-Tang Clan and the space wars that he was a part of. There are also new ideas for Magic the Gathering cards and he dedicates the episode the a bully who made fun of him for wearing a X-Men backpack who died in the Space Wars. After the monologue, he introduces his "best friend" Steven Seagal (Hader) who tells everyone that Rogen certainly is not a virgin.
  • Veritas Ultrasound HD: A doctor (Armisen) is showing the ultrasound for a woman's (Wiig) unborn child when her husband (Sudeikis) complains about the low definition of the screen. A spokesman for the Veritas HD monitor (Hader) shows off a high quality picture of the child. It also shows the fetus wearing a football helmet since the company is sponsored by the NFL.
  • 2007 National Douchebag Championships: Blaine Savage (Sudeikis) is hosting the National Douchebag Championships, a competition between three men to get a guest spot on Entourage for being the biggest tools. The finalists are down to Jake (Hader), Todd Detch (Rogen) and Christopher Sparks (Forte) who performed in a talent competition to further weed out the finalists. Jake's talent was that he could do subpar impersonations of characters like Borat and Ace Venture. Detch hit on a woman in the audience and showed her a camera phone picture of his testicles as his talent. Christopher, finally, played ultimate frisbee while riding a Segway. After each performed their particular "talent," they were judged by Sharon Osbourne (Poehler), Gene Simmons (Armisen) and Gerrard (Samberg). Osbourne typically made comments about how much of a douchebag the contestants were in their "talent," while Simmons made bizarre non-sequitor comments and Gerrard generally acted like a tool himself. In the end, Christopher is named the winner of the round, but there's still more rounds to go.
  • MacGruber - Mine Shaft: MacGruber (Forte), Casey (Rudolph) and Cody (Rogen) are trapped in a deserted silver mine along with a bomb which is set to go off in seconds. MacGruber gets distracted by his life story and the bandanna which falls off his head and reveals that he's severely balding. He makes the two turn around while he ties the bandanna back around his head and the bomb explodes.
  • Jeremy and Stacia: Some friends have gathered at the house of a couple (Hader and Poehler) who have recently returned from a long vacation with their kids. They pass around a picture of their kids, which horrifies their friends (Armisen, Sudeikis, Forte and Rudolph) for some reason. All of a sudden, their kids Jeremy (Rogen) and Stacia (Wiig) appear from behind the couch to ask their mother something. They suddenly leave to get something and she explains that they've been taking music lessons. When they return, Stacia is wearing a strap-on drum kit and Jeremy has a toy microphone, with which they perform a horrendous cover of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. They're told to go to bed, but they just wind up coming back to show off their toy robot which makes noises while Stacia dances erratically to them. The guests look on in horror until they leave again. But, of course, the two come back one more time to play a tape of them reacting scenes from Harry Potter for 20 minutes, which is so bad and rambling that Jerry (Forte) choses to leap out a window instead of listening to anymore.
  • MacGruber - Watchtower: MacGruber (Forte), Casey (Rudolph) and Caleb (Rogen) are once again trapped in a deserted desert tower with a bomb. MacGruber, instead of diffusing the bomb, introduces a girl named Taylor (Wiig) that he met in a hookah bar to his "mom and dad." The two talk about how "tight" it is that Dave Matthews Band is playing near them until the bomb explodes.
  • A Message from Fred Thompson: Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson (Hammond) addresses America to get the word out about his candidacy, since he entered the race late and is quickly losing steam. Thompson tells America that his interest in being president could be rated as a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10, but he might not be entirely up to the job of campaigning. He compares the American people to "extras" on a movie set" and says that he's going to use a stand-in on the campaign trail so that he can sleep in his trailer and not meet with anyone. After this, he brings in Sam Waterson (Armisen) to endorse his campaign and say that he'll be found "guilty" of being the right man for the job and sentenced to four years as president. After he shoos Waterson off, he says that he next plans to be in every scene from Law & Order instead of just the occasional one in each episode.
  • MacGruber - Underwater Lab: Once again McGruber (Forte), Casey (Rudolph) and Caleb (Rogen) are trapped in a deserted monastery's control room with a bomb. MacGruber has his back to everyone and quietly asks for materials to disable the bomb with until he demands a mirror. In the opening theme, it was said that MacGruber went to South America to get plastic surgery work done in South America but found that they have lax safety standards. When Casey gives him the mirror, he raises it to his face in slow motion and widens his eyes. Suddenly, he turns around and happily explains that it's "not so bad" when the monetary explodes.
  • The Underdog: Spoon song.
  • Weekend Update:
    • Lou Dobbs (Hammond) appears with the intent of addressing the impact the Canadian loonie's increase in value is having on American jobs. But, instead, Dobbs complains about how the Saturday Night Live hosting jobs are being taken away from "otherwise deserving Americans" by Canadians like Rogen. He accuses Lorne Michaels of "muling" his Canadian buddies over the border to host his show. Dobbs calls the Canadians "insidious" because they walk among normal Americans without anyone knowing and says that Rogen is an "economic Bin Laden."
    • Poehler and Meyers have another "Really?!?" segment about Senator Larry Craig refusing to resign his position after being caught trying to have gay sex in an airport bathroom. They especially touch on the fact that Craig hired Michael Vick's defense attorney instead of the prosecutor of that case, that he's voted against gay marriage and that he would actually have sex in an airport bathroom
    • After the Mets total collapse, Manager Willie Randolph (Thompson) and General Manager Omar Minaya (Armisen) hem and haw to questions posted to them by Poehler about what exactly happened and what they would change. They don't actually answer any of the questions because they don't really know what happened and have no hope for the future of the team.
    • Chevy Chase, Senior Political Correspondent, introduces himself saying "I'm still and you're still not." He comments on the political candidates saying that in the last debate, Mike Gravel's head exploded. He mocks Barack Obama for having the "novel idea" of eliminating all nukes in the world, Fred Thompson for being lazy, Rudy Giuliani for thinking that he actually has a strong ally in evangelicals and that Mitt Romney's name is really "Rubber Mittens." He also pokes fun at Hilary Clinton for raising most of her money illegally.
  • The History Channel's America's First Colonists: The History Channel does a show about the failed "Stonetown" colony to explain why this first colony failed. During a town meeting, Joseph (Hader) complains about the impending failure and starvation of their colony. One of the pilgrims (Forte) says that founder John Stone (Rogen) will return shortly and fix everything. Stone, clearly high, informs everyone that some Indians told him about a new crop that is better than tobacco. Cut to several weeks later when all of the villages, except for one (Wiig) is completely stoned. She tries to appeal to them with the fact that they'll die if they don't prepare for winter, but they dismiss her by ordering "Indian food" and go on to invent the hackey sack and the air lute.
  • Rowlf & The Swedish Chef: Muppets Rowlf (Rogen) and the Swedish Chef (Samberg) start to perform a song called "Rainbow Connection," but the chef complains, saying the he has bad memories associated with that song. He tells Rowlf that Celine Dion made him sing the song constantly while in Las Vegas and he can't stand to do it again. Instead, they bring out Dot (Rudolph), Saxophone (Sudeikis) and Animal (Hader) to sing "Somewhere Beyond The Sea."
  • You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb: Spoon song.
  • Hot Afternoon: Delilah (Rudolph) and Abigail (Wiig) are women at the turn of the century picking apples who complain about how hot it is. Abigail uses this to insinuate that Delilah has a thing for a man named Mad Joe Dixon (Rogen), something that Delilah vehimently denies. When Mad Joe comes around, Abigail abandons her friend so that the two can be alone. They start talking when Mad Joe starts talking about wrapping a cool towel around his balls, which spurs Delilah to admit that she likes to steal peoples' thermoses and poop in them while the owner isn't watching. Mad Joe tells her that he also likes putting a hot washcloth on his balls on cold days and they realize that they're perfect for each other. Before they kiss, Delilah asks Mad Joe why the pseudonym and he explains that it's short for Joanne and he likes to kill people.


"Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!"


  • The Underdog, performed by Spoon: The first song performed by Spoon was "The Underdog," a song from their 2007 album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. The song is the first and, as of the episode's first broadcast, only single from the record. The song was included on a limited 7" single given away with some copies of the album sold in independent record stores.
  • Beyond The Sea, performed by Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg and the SNL Band: During the "Rowlf and the Swedish Chef" sketch, Rogen and Samberg sang a cover of "Beyond the Sea" along with musical accompaniment by the SNL band. The song was originally performed in English by Bobby Darin, although the song was first a French song called "La Mer" by Charles Trenet.
  • You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb, performed by Spoon: Spoon's second song was "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb," also from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. The song was reportedly one which the band struggled with because they couldn't quite figure out how to perform it correctly. Before settling on the recorded version, they even made a "space rock" version which appears on a bonus disc called Get Nice!


The Show

  • Cameo: During Weekend Update, Chevy Chase made a cameo appearance as the "senior political correspondent." Chase was the first anchor for weekend update, but has been a controversial figure at Saturday Night Live. He was banned from hosting in 1997 due to his constant verbal abuse of the cast and crew. Despite the ban, Chase has cameoed on the show four times, including the appearance in this episode. He last appeared as "The Land Shark" in 2001.
  • Cut Sketch: Because of the lengthy, slow delivery of Chase's Weekend Update bit, the TV Funhouse sketch mentioned in the opening credits had to be cut for time.
  • In-Joke: The two kids singing "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse is a bit of a joke on the British singer. Winehouse was originally scheduled to perform in the season opener with Kanye West performing on Rogen's episode. However, Winehouse bowed out for reasons unknown and Spoon filled her place.

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