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Appalachian Emergency Room
Saturday Night Live
Appalachian Emergency Room
Actor(s) Seth Meyers (Nerod)
Amy Poehler (Netti Bo Dance)
Darrell Hammond (Percy Bo Dance)
Chris Parnell (Tyler)
Maya Rudolph (Mrs. Denmont)
Kenan Thompson (Jake Denmont)
First Appearance 29x09 - Jennifer Aniston/Black Eyed Peas
Last Appearance 31x14 - Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys
Episode Count 7

Appalachian Emergency Room is set in the waiting room of a hospital emergency room somewhere in the Appalachian region of the United States. In every sketch, Seth Meyers portrays Nerod, the attending nurse, who listens to the problems of the various patients and sends them to see the invisible doctors. While there are usually half a dozen or more patients, Netti and Percy Bo Dance (Amy Poehler and Darrell Hammond) and a young man named Tyler (Chris Parnell) have appeared in every sketch thus far. In earlier appearances of the sketch, Kenan Thompson portrayed patient Jake Denmont three times, and Maya Rudolph portrayed Jake's wife four times.


Basic Information

The patients in the Appalachian Emergency Room are portrayed as rednecks, hayseeds and hillbillies. Their medical emergencies are usually their own fault, and they always tell the story of how they came to be injured or sick. The injuries are often the result of drinking or, at the very least, boneheaded moves on their part.

Except for the mullet he sports, Nerod seems out of place in this setting. He displays signs of intelligence and at times even moral outrage at the patients' situations. In most cases, Nerod serves as the straight man for the various patients checking into the hospital, and except for asking questions and reacting, most of his job is ending their roles in the sketch by directing them to their room.

Of the patients who check in each sketch, Percy and Netti Bo Dance are an older couple similar to Ma and Pa Kettle of the old movies. Percy is usually the injured party. Netti rarely offers more than repitition or underscoring of some of Percy's story and complaints about her druggie son (portrayed in one appearance by musical guest Neil Young). She often ends the Bo Dances' part of the sketch by saying one line and stretching out a vowel in a sort of machine-gun rhythm.

As backwards as the Bo Dances are, however, they are nothing compared to Tyler, the Appalachian town's most simple-minded resident. He typically appears at the end or near the end of each sketch, and his medical situation is usually the most comically exagerrated. He often asks for a moment "to get the story right in my head."


  1. 29x09 - Jennifer Aniston/Black Eyed Peas.
  2. 29x15 - Ben Affleck/N.E.R.D..
  3. 29x19 - Snoop Dogg/Avril Lavigne.
  4. 30x05 - Liam Neeson/Modest Mouse.
  5. 30x20 - Lindsay Lohan/Coldplay. "Flood Lights/Lightsaber/Hermit Crab." Netti and Percy Bo Dance are electrocuted; Jake Denmont gets a hermit crab on his nose; Tyler is impaled on an extra large Sharpie. Also features a curling iron injury, an allergic reaction to a stripper pole and a cheerleader seeking employment.
  6. 31x09 - Jack Black/Neil Young. "Christmastime." Percy Bo Dance slips on a satellite dish (also features Neil Young as their son); Tyler gets a watermelon frozen to his penis. Also features a lawn jarts accident, a dislocated colon from a farting contest and Johnny Knoxville, as himself, injured from a week-old Jackass stunt.
  7. 31x14 - Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys.


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