Sabrina, the Teenage Witch/The Good, the Bad and the Luau

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The Good, the Bad and the Luau
Season 3, Episode 25
Airdate May 21, 1999
Written by Nancy Cohen
Directed by Linda Day
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Sabrina, the Teenage WitchSeason Three

Special Guest Star: Henry Gibson (Witch Judge)

Co-Starring: Kellye Nakahara (Pele), David Alan Graf (Uncle Danny), Susan Angelo (Dr. Merchant), Lisa K. Wyatt (Ruby), David Moreland (Doctor #2), Rick Negron (Orderly)


Plot Overview

Sabrina is told by her aunts that there will be a family reunion in Hawaii. Sabrina gets Harvey to stay at their house to watch Salem and Lola (Salem's pregnant cat friend) while Zelda, Hilda and her are away.Sabrina incants a spell so that Harvey and Salem can talk together. When she arrives in Hawaii, Sabrina is informed that she must solve the family secret. Since the last clue to the Spellman Family Secret is twine (though Sabrina doesn't know what it is at the time), Sabrina zaps herself to Salem only when he said he'd help her with the clue if she'd cast a spell on Lola so that she would stop meowing. Before leaving, Sabrina cast a spell and Lola is comforted. She then zaps herself to Hawaii and with the clue she solves the Spellman Family Secret ('Every member of the Spellman Family is born with a twin). Sabrina is then is introduced to her twin Katrina. sabrina and Katrina hit it off. Zelda informs Sabrina that in all witch twins one twin is evil and the other is good. Later that day, a Witch Judge puts both girls on trial to find out who is the evil twin. At recess, Sabrina receives an urgent call from Salem saying that Mrs. Kinkle was in delivery and when the doctors used the sonograph they heard purring. Sabrina later finds out that the spell she casted sent Lola's kittens to the nearest pregnant creature (Mrs. Kinkle). Sabrina fixes the damage caused by her spell. She realizes that her intents were selfish ("The Spellman family's worst trait" according to the Witch Judge)and she thinks that she`s the evil twin thus, she wouldn`t be able to live in the mortal realm, she bumps into Harvey and she tells him that she might not be able to see him again. She returns to Hawaii to continue the trial. The Witch Judge finds Sabrina to be the evil twin and Katrina the good twin. Everyone is transported to a volcano where Sabrina finds out that the evil twin is actually thrown into the volcano by the good twin. Katrina pushes Sabrina into the volcano, only to find out that it was all a test and since she pushed Sabrina into the volcano she was the evil twin. Luckily, Sabrina was holding on to a branch in the volcano and she is zapped out of the volcano. in the next scene, Cousin Pele gives Sabrina her Witches' License and Sabrina, Pele, Hilda and Zelda hula dance.

Arc Advancement


The Spellman Family secret is 'Every member of the Spellman Family is born with a twin'.

Clues: Aviary = Every. M+Ember = Member. Love - L = of. The. Spellman. Fay Wray, Sabrina, Robert E. Lee pictures = (Fay + Me + Lee)Family. Hiss (Snake) = Is. B+Horn = Born. Whip = With. Twine - E = Twin.


Sabrina Spellman, Katrina Spellman (both played by Melissa Joan Hart), Zelda Spellman, Hilda Spellman, Harvey Kinkle, Salem Saberhagen, Witch Judge, Cousin Pele, Mrs. Kinkle, Lola


The Show

This episode is the season 3 finale.


  • Pele: Well here it is, your official witches' licence. It will give you more power than you ever dreamed possible.
    Zelda: But be careful, it can also cause more trouble than you ever dreamed possible. Just ask Hilda.
    Hilda: Not all tsunamis are bad.
  • Witch Judge: No good witch has ever had the heart to do away with their evil twin... although one Hilda Spellman did come very close.
  • Zelda: Evil twins are thrown into the volcano.
    Sabrina: Oh, to prove that they're brave and then they'll be welcomed back into the bossom of their family?
  • Sabrina (to Hilda and Zelda): Katrina and I had a great time yesterday, it's weird we don't have the same parents. Are your twins as nice as mine?
    Hilda: Actually, our twins turned out to be evil. Which brings us to another teeny thing we need to tell you. Zelda? (walks off).
    Zelda: Sit down dear. You see in all witch twins, one twin is evil and the other one is good. And unfortunately, the evil twin is not allowed to live in the Mortal Realm.
    Sabrina: Oh no! Katrina can't be the evil one! But wait that would mean that I'm the evil one. She did leave the pool boy a crummy tip.
  • Harvey: I got this scar wrestling a monkey at the county fair.
    Salem: Sweeeet! But I got you beat. Check out the one on my butt!
    (Harvey looks at Salem's bum)Harvey: I don't see a scar.
    Salem: Don't have one but made you look!
  • (Sabrina is distracted) Witch Judge: What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Sabrina: Sorry what did you say?
    Witch Judge: I can't repeat the question.
    Sabrina:Oh, then ummmm, yellow.
  • Sabrina: Well, I'm a mess!
    Zelda: Oh, now now, dear, just because your spell was selfish...
    Hilda: And involved civil disobedience..
    Zelda:..... And was very messy. Doesn't mean your the evil twin.
    Witch Judge: Order on the sand!! Since Sabrina's helping a pregnant cat spell was selfish, involved civil disobedience, and was extremely messy, the evil twin is....SABRINA SPELLMAN!
  • Sabrina: What are we doing at a volcano? I thought I just couldn't live in the Mortal Realm.
    Zelda: Well actually dear, you can't live in the Mortal Realm or the Other Realm.
    Hilda: We didn't want to worry you. And besides, I never thought you'd turn out to be the evil one!
    Zelda (to Hilda): Especially when you turned out to be the good one!