Roseanne/Playing with Matches

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Playing with Matches
Airdate March 23, 1993
Production Number 621
Writer(s) Robert Borden
Director(s) Andrew D. Weyman
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It was Twenty Years Ago Today
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Promises, Promises
RoseanneSeason Five

Also Starring: Estelle Parsons (Bev), Johnny Galecki (David), Danielle Harris (Molly Tilden)

Guest Star: Red Buttons (Jake)


Plot Overview

Tired of having their Mom hanging around them all the time, Roseanne and Jackie try to encourage a relationship between Beverly and Jake, her friend from the retirement community they both live in. Molly comes on to, and kisses David, making him nervous and uncomfortable. To back her off, David confesses the plans he and Darlene have for the future, like possibly dropping out of school and running away together. Having seen and overheard this strange exchange, D.J. confronts Darlene with what he knows, and asks her if any of it is true, prompting Darlene ponders David's fate.