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Revue Studios
Revue Studios.jpg
Founded 1943
Dissolved 1963 (became Universal Television)
Notable Works Leave It to Beaver
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Jack Benny Program
McHale's Navy
Tales of Wells Fargo

Revue Studios is the original name of the television production company now known as Universal Television, a unit of NBC Universal.


Revue Studios was founded in 1943 as Revue Productions by MCA (Music Corporation of America) as a producer of live radio programs. Revue's first association with television dates back to the NBC anthology show Armour Theatre, which debuted on that network on September 6, 1950.

Revue was a prolific producer of many classic TV shows for the American networks in the 1950s and early-1960s. Some of the most well-known shows made by Revue were the sitcoms Leave It to Beaver and Bachelor Father, the comedy show The Jack Benny Program, the suspense anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the Western shows Tales of Wells Fargo, Laramie, The Adventures of Kit Carson, Wagon Train and (for its first season) The Virginian, and the crime dramas State Trooper, City Detective and the original Mike Hammer. In 1957, parent company MCA created the dummy company EMKA Ltd., through which it purchased most of the pre-1950 Paramount Pictures theatrical library for TV distribution; one of the Paramount films purchased by EMKA, the 1946 film version of the novel The Virginian, later served as one of the bases for the creation of the Western series of the same name.

In 1958, MCA bought the Universal Studios film lot from Universal Pictures and renamed it, along with their TV production company, as Revue Studios. That same year, Revue introduced its iconic closing logo jingle, a loud orchestral horn fanfare composed and arranged by Stanley Wilson and Juan Garcia Esquivel [1] (a jingle which was later carried over to successor company Universal Television, [2] as well as used by MCA for its syndication division MCA TV [3]). In 1962, MCA dissolved its original talent agency business in order to purchase Universal Pictures, so as to avoid issues with the American antitrust laws of the period. A year after the Universal acquisition, in 1963, MCA replaced the Revue Studios logo with a modified version of the previous Revue logo replacing the "Filmed in Hollywood at Revue Studios" tag with "Filmed at Universal City" in the same design, then replaced that logo in 1964 with the zooming Universal globe and the title "Filmed at the studios of Universal City"; however, all television shows copyrighted under the Revue Productions name until 1966, when it was officially renamed Universal Television (in its first incarnation).

List of shows produced by Revue Studios

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Jack Benny Program Comedy CBS 1950–64
NBC 1964–65
Produced after 1963 by Universal Television
The Adventures of Kit Carson Western Syndication 1951–55
Biff Baker, U.S.A. Adventure CBS 1952–53
City Detective Crime drama Syndication 1953–55
General Electric Theater Anthology CBS 1953–62
Meet Mr. McNulty Sitcom CBS 1953–55
The Pride of the Family Sitcom ABC 1953–55
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Anthology ABC 1953–55
The Man Behind the Badge Crime drama CBS 1953–55
Studio 57 Anthology DuMont 1954–55
Syndication 1955–58
Soldiers of Fortune Adventure Syndication 1955–57
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Suspense anthology CBS 1955–60
NBC 1960–62
Crusader Drama CBS 1955–56
The Rosemary Clooney Show Variety NBC 1956–57
State Trooper Crime drama Syndication 1956–59
Tales of Wells Fargo Western NBC 1957–62
Wagon Train Western NBC 1957–62
ABC 1962–65
Produced after 1963 by Universal Television
M Squad Crime drama NBC 1957–60
The Restless Gun Western NBC 1957–58
ABC 1958–59
Leave It to Beaver Sitcom CBS 1957–58
ABC 1958–63
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Crime Drama Syndication 1958–60
Laramie Western NBC 1959–63
COronado 9 Crime drama Syndication 1960–61
Johnny Midnight Crime Drama Syndication 1960
The Tall Man Western NBC 1960–62
Thriller Suspense anthology NBC 1960–62
The Bob Cummings Show Sitcom CBS 1961–62
The Virginian Western NBC 1962–71
Produced after 1963 by Universal Television
McHale's Navy Military sitcom ABC 1962–66
Produced after 1963 by Universal Television
Going My Way Sitcom ABC 1962–63

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