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Tori Hanson
Power Rangers
Actor Sally Martin
First Appearance 11x01 - Prelude to a Storm
Last Appearance 15x21 - Once a Ranger (2)
Series Billing 11x01 to 11x38: Billed
12x31 to 12x32: Guest Star
15x20 to 15x21: Guest Star
Episode Count 42
Notable Episodes 11x03 - Beauty and the Beach
11x14 - Pork Chopped
11x19 - I Love Lothor
11x29 - Snip It, Snip It Good
11x30 - The Wild Wipeout
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Tori Hanson, a professional surfer, is portrayed by Sally Martin. She is a student at the Wind Ninja Academy, along with Shane and Dustin. Tori has a bit of a crush on fellow ranger, Blake, and the feeling is mutual. She has the power of water, which allows her to morph into the Blue Ranger.


Basic Information

Character History

  • 11x38 - Storm Before the Calm: Tori, and the other rangers, graduated from the Wind Ninja Academy. She, Dustin and Shane had also become new Sensei to the incoming students.
  • 15x21 - Once a Ranger (2): It was revealed that Tori had opened up her own shop for custom surfboards.

Memorable Moments


  • Tori is the first female Blue Ranger. Only one other female has had the honor of being blue, Madison Rocca.


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