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Lily Chilman
Power Rangers
Lily (left) with Casey and Theo.
Actor Anna Hutchison
First Appearance 16x01 - Welcome to the Jungle (1)
Last Appearance 16x32 - Now the Final Fury
Series Billing Top Billing
Episode Count 32
Notable Episodes 16x06 - Dance the Night Away
16x08 - Way of the Master
16x15 - Bad to the Bone
16x23 - Fear and the Phantoms

Lily "Chill" Chilman, a Kung fu student and considerate individual, is played by Anna Hutchison. She has the spirit of the cheetah and is the sixteenth Yellow Ranger.


Basic Information

Lily, Theo and Jarrod were the chosen three to protect the world from Dai Shi. However, Jarrod's ego got the best of him, which led Master Mao to take him out and put Casey in. Jarrod became angry and, unintentionally, let Dai Shi free. Dai Shi immediately went after Master Mao, killing him and then possessing Jarrod. Before he passed on, Mao sent Lily, Casey and Theo to seek out their new master in Ocean Bluff. Here they encounter R.J., the owner of Jungle Karma Pizza and Fran, JKP's best customer. Unbeknownst to them, R.J. was the master they were looking for.

R.J. gives Casey, Lily and Theo new uniforms and solar morphers, which will transform them into Power Rangers. Despite the fact that Power Rangers are not part of the Order of the Claw. It is then that they must master their assigned weapons. Lily's weapon is the bo, which she claims is a pro at. Afterwords R.J. teaches them the "growing ginormous" technique and how to form their megazord.

Theo and Lily were seemingly good friends for a long time. To the point where they had a monthly ritual of finding a new place to eat. This however, was changed after Casey became part of the group. Theo didn't like being a trio instead of a duo, as it seemed to him that he was losing his best friend. This was not the case as Lily stated that she and Theo "have a bond that will last a lifetime."

When the rangers need more power, R.J. tells of legendary Master Phant. The three students seek him out, only for him to shun them away. Lily, however, will not leave so easily. After being attacked by Rinshi, Master Phant decides to come to Lily's rescue. He then teaches her to use his special Jungle Mace and allows her to summon his Elephant spirit in battle. They promise to keep in touch, which leads to Lily helping his niece Gabby with her dance routine and confidence.

The team becomes cocky, leading to R.J. telling them to go "back to basics." After he surrenders himself for his students, they figure out what he meant. The three return to the forbidden room, where Dai Shi was released. They learn of three new masters, only to find out they are no longer living. Master Mao reluctantly agrees to open a portal to the spirit realm, where they meet Master Guin, Lope and Rilla. Master Guin sends Lily away to deal with her fear of spiders. Once it is controlled, Lily receives Master Guin's penguin spirit. The three masters decide that some rules are meant to be broken and sends the rangers back from the spirit realm. It is then that they realize they have also earned Jungle Master Mode. After rescuing R.J. from Dai Shi, they return to Jungle Karma Pizza, only to find out that Fran had discovered their secret identities.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • In promotional material and the official Jetix website, Lily's surname was given as Chilman. However, this was never mentioned in the show--as was her supposed nickname of "Chill".


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