Name That Tune (1974)

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Name That Tune (1974)
Premiere July 29, 1974
Finale June 10, 1977
Creator Harry Salter
Host Dennis James (daytime),
Tom Kennedy (1974 nighttime)
Network/Provider NBC, Syndication
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ralph Edwards Productions
Seasons 7
Episodes 5 per week plus once a week nighttime
Origin USA

Name That Tune is an updated edition of the Name That Tune show that ran in prime time in the 50s.

In this version, two contestants competed in separate games to identify songs performed by an on-stage band. "Bid-A-Note," "Build-A-Tune," "Cassette Roulette," "Melody Roulette," Money Tree" and "Pick-A-Prize" were among the games.

The winner at the end of the show played the Golden Medley. Here, the player hit a buzzer to stop the clock and the band in order to name the tune.

This version had two brief daytime runs on NBC (1974, 1977), but a longer run in nighttime syndication (1974-81). The syndicated show was rebranded The $100,000 Name That Tune in 1976, with the title amount the top prize. It would return in syndication in 1984.




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