Name That Tune (1953)

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Name That Tune (1953)
Premiere July 6, 1953
Finale October 19, 1959
Creator Harry Salter
Host Red Benson,
Bill Cullen,
George DeWitt
Network/Provider NBC (1953-54),
CBS (1954-59)
Style 30-minute game show
Company Tel-o-tune Productions/Harry Salter Productions
Seasons 6
Episodes 315
Origin USA

Name That Tune is a musical game show. It was the first of several Name That Tune shows. It began in prime time on NBC then moved to CBS a year later. It began on NBC radio in 1952.

Two players competed in identifying tunes played on-stage, running up to a bell, ringing it and identifying the song. The first tune was worth $5 and each succeeding tune worth double. The player with the most money after four songs was the winner and competed in the Golden Medley. Here, the contestant had to identify seven tunes in thirty seconds. The first tune was worth $25 with the value of each succeeding tune doubling.

Name That Tune returned under a new production company in limited syndication in 1970 then on NBC daytime and syndicated nighttime in 1974.




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