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Buried in Concrete, Daddy-Longlegs, Jet Taxi
Buried in Concrete, Daddy-Longlegs, Jet Taxi
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate February 15, 2004
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Buried in Concrete, Daddy-Longlegs, Jet Taxi is the thirteenth episode of the first season of MythBusters, and the sixteenth episode overall.

Jamie and Adam make a brave attempt to solve a legendary mafia mystery by searching for the decomposed body of Jimmy Hoffa, allegedly buried in the concrete under Giants Stadium. Will they meet the same fate as Geraldo Rivera at the tomb of Al Capone? The mythbusters then fire up a jet engine and find out if the power and force of a 737 could launch a taxicab 75 feet in the air. Finally, will Adam's arachnophobia prevent him from finding out if the daddy—longlegs is the most venomous spider? Brave indeed.

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Buried in Concrete

The Myth

Jimmy Hoffa is buried in Giant Stadium.

The Test

The Mythbusters want to see if it is possible to detect things that are buried, so they bury two pigs outside the shop and leave them there for a month. They then use a ground-penetrating device to test to see if it possible to see through concrete. The Mythbusters are not sure if it will work properly, so they open the buried pigs to see what is going on down there. They determine that a decomposing body will form. They go to Giants Stadium to test to see if Jimmy Hoffa is buried there. They try some of the most common areas: the 10-yard line, section 107, the endzones, and the 50-yard line.

The Result

Busted. The Mythbusters have shown that Jimmy Hoffa is not burried anywhere in Giant Stadium.

Jet Taxi

The Myth

Jet wash from an airliner can overturn a taxi if the vehicle passes behind the jet as it goes to full throttle.

The Test

Firstly, the Mythbusters need to modify a taxi so that they can drive it remotely into the wake of a 737. However, due to concerns with the insurance company they are not able to use a 737 so instead they will use two portable jet engines. They will drive the taxi about 20 feet away from the engines which can generate about 7000 PSI. The first test fails to produce any results other then a few minor parts falling off. They drive again by moving the enginges close and the car stationary. This time the two fenders and the taxi sign are blown off the car. However this causes the fuel lines to break and starts leaking gas. They try again by making it easier for it to flip. All they are able to do is move the car a little.

The Result

Confirmed. Though the Mythbusters were not able to reproduce the test, it did happen in Rio de Janeiro


The Myth

The Daddy-Longlegs is the most deadly spider, however their fangs are too small to harm humans.

The Test

The Mythbusters head to Jamie's house to collect some Daddy-Longlegs. Firstly, they have to extract some venom from the spider. They then test to see which is more powerful, Daddy-Longlegs or Black Widow venom and they learn that the Black Widow spider is much more powerful. Under a microscope, they learn that the fangs of a Daddy-Longlengs are long enough to bite through human skin. To test to see if Daddy-Longlegs will bite humans, Adam puts his arm into a container full of Daddy-Longlegs and is bitten once; he only feels a small burning pain for a few seconds.

The Result

Busted. Based on their tests, Daddy-Longlegs are not the most deadly spider in the world. However, it is possible for Daddy-Longlegs to bite humans.



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