Mystery Science Theater 3000/Season Seven

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Season Seven
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Season Premiere November 23, 1995
Season Finale March 18, 1996
Episode Count 6
Notable Episodes 7x06 - Laserblast

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Season Eight

Season Seven of Mystery Science Theater 3000 premiered on November 23, 1995. After the long period of time before renewing the show for a seventh season, Comedy Central ordered an initial six episodes. The network did not extended its order and pick up a full season. The network also went back on its promise to Best Brains to not reair Season One episodes.

Comedy Central and Best Brains enterted into negotiations to continue the show. Comedy Central suggested that the show switch to mocking old sitcoms while Best Brains counterproposed mocking after school specials. The two sides could not reach a compromise and Best Brains was released from their contract, free to persue a home on a different network. After numerous fan campaigns and work from Best Brains, The Sci-Fi Channel announced that it had picked up Mystery Science Theater 3000 for 13 episodes on June 24, 1996. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Movie was put into limited release during the summer of 1996 as well.

In this season Mary Jo Pehl debuted as Pearl Forrester, the mother of the evil Dr. Clayton Forrester and replacement for TV's Frank. She was very much a stereotypical sitcom mother and constantly nagged at her son. She demonstrates a close relationship with Crow at times, the specifics of which are unknown. This season also marks the last appearance of Trace Beaulieu as the evil Dr. Clayton Forrester and voice of Crow The Robot.

In the show's finale, Dr. Forrester's funding is cut and he disconnects the life support on the Satellite of Love. Mike and the Bots take control of the ship, but the only way they can survive is by shooting off into space without being able to pilot the ship. The Satellite of Love drifts off into the outer reaches of space, where Mike and the Bots eventually turn into beings made of pure energy and drift off into space. Dr. Forrester, alone and broken in his underground lair, stares off into the abyss before turning into a space baby. Pearl Forrester takes the baby and promises to raise him correctly this time.


# # Title Airdate
144 1 Night of the Blood Beast February 3, 1996
145 2 The Brute Man February 10, 1996
146 3 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell February 17, 1996
147 4 The Incredible Melting Man February 24, 1996
148 5 Escape 2000 March 2, 1996
149 6 Laserblast May 18, 1996

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