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Broadcast History

9/12/70 - 12/26/70 ABC 8:30 AM ET, PT / 7:30 AM CT (preceded by The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad; followed by Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp)

1/2/71 - 9/4/71 ABC 12 Noon ET, PT / 11 AM CT (preceded by Sky Hawks; followed by The Hardy Boys)


Air dates reflect original broadcast on The Cattanooga Cats.

Sept. 6, 1969
Wheelin' And Dealin'
Autocat tries to thwart Motormouse's attempts to test out a new motorcycle engine.
Mini Messenger
Motormouse starts a messenger business.

Sept. 13, 1969
Water Sports
Motormouse and Autocat take their chase to a beach.
What's The Motor With You?
Among Autocat's gadgets are a multi-booted steam roller.

Sept. 20, 1969
Party Crasher
Autocat tries to stop Motormouse from throwing a party.
Wild Wheelin' Wheels
Standard episode climaxes with a giant spiked tire.

Sept. 27, 1969
Soggy To Me
Volunteer fireman Motormouse keeps dousing Autocat with water, and cats hate water.
Crash Course
Autocat's pursuit of Motormouse leads to a motorcycle race.

Oct. 4, 1969
Fuelin' Around
Motormouse tests a new fuel for his motorcycle.
Buzzin' Cousin
Motormouse and his lookalike cousin baffle Autocat.

Oct. 11, 1969
Snow Go
Frozen conditions hamper Autocat in his chase of Motormouse.
A Hard Day's Day
Autocat uses remote control.

Oct. 18, 1969
Tally Ha-Ha
Autocat and his pal stage a fox hunt-style chase of Motormouse.
Hocus Focus
Motormouse enters a photography contest.

Oct. 25, 1969
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Autocat calls on mouse exterminator Speedy Wheels.
King Size Caddy
Motormouse takes up golf.

Nov. 1, 1969
Catch As Cat Can
Catnapping Mouse
Motormouse rides in his sleep. Autocat has to capture him without waking him.

Nov. 8, 1969
The Paint That Ain't
Autocat creates an invisible paint.
I've Been Framed
Motormouse takes up painting.

Nov. 15, 1969
Match Making Mouse
Motormouse and his girl friend think Autocat needs a girl.
Electronic Brainstorm
Autocat emnploys a sentient computer.

Nov. 22, 1969
Ramblin' Wreck From Texas
Motormouse visits his Texas uncle.
Two Car Mirage
Autocat takes to the desert in pursuit of Motormouse, who is doing some off-road scrambling.

Nov. 29, 1969
Motormouse gets a magic ring.
Geni And The Meanie
Autocat gets help from a radiator genie.

Dec. 6, 1969
Choo Choo Cheetah
Autocats gets help from a cheetah that escaped from the zoo.
The Fastest Mouse In The West
Motormouse and his pals stage a scramble in the desert.

Dec. 13, 1969
Brute Farce
Al E. Cat replaces Autocat at the garage.
Bouncing Buddies
Motormouse jaunts to the post office to pick up a package.

Dec. 20, 1969
Cat Skill School
Autocat's attempts to school his nephew Autokitty on mousecatching fails miserably.
Follow That Cat
Motormouse's first fare as a taxi service is a kangaroo.

Jan. 3, 1970
The Cool Cat Contest
Autocat competes with Hep Cat in wooing a girl cat.
Lights! Action! Catastrophe!
A movie producer wants to make a movie with Motormouse and Autocat.