Mission: Impossible/Illusion

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Season 3, Episode 24
Airdate April 13, 1969
Writer(s) Laurence Heath
Director(s) Gerald Mayer
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The Interrogator
Mission: ImpossibleSeason Three

Illusion is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of Mission: Impossible, and the seventy-seventh episode overall.

Guest Star: Fritz Weaver (Emil Skarbeck)

Also Starring: Martin E. Brooks (Paul Trock)

Co-Starring: Kevin Hagen (Kurt Lom), Horst Ebersberg (Otto), Jack Baker (Cabaret Spectator), Ethel Wolfson (Wife), Robert Wolfson (Husband)


Plot Overview

Two men, Skarbeck and Lom, are the top contenders for chief of secret police in an enemy country. The IMF must trick Skarbeck into disposing of Lom so that a third man, Trock, can take over as he's more sympathetic to the West.