Me, Myself & I/Season One

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Season One
Me, Myself & I
Season Premiere September 25, 2017
Season Finale July 21, 2018
Episode Count 13
This is the current season of Me, Myself & I.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season One of Me, Myself & I premiered on September 25, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Dan Kopelman Randall Einhorn September 25, 2017 7.455M 1.6% T11.10111
Alex Riley has defining moments in one man's life over three distinct periods - as a 14-year-old in 1991, at age 40 in present day and at 65 in 2042.
2 2 The First Step Dan Kopelman Todd Holland October 2, 2017 5.153M 1% T12.15802
Darryl encourages mid-life Alex to get back into the dating scene following his divorce; young Alex has trouble making friends after his embarrassing moment at the school dance; and older Alex finally has his first date with Eleanor.
3 3 The Card Joe Port &
Joe Wiseman
Todd Holland October 9, 2017 4.325M 0.9% T12.15803
Young Alex gives away his most prized possession, a signed Michael Jordan rookie card, in an attempt to impress his crush, Nori. Also, mid-life Alex struggles to find the money to take his daughter, Abby, on a glamping trip with her friends, and older Alex tries to make plans for his birthday so he doesn't have to spend it alone.
4 4 Star Wars Bob Kushell John Fortenberry October 16, 2017 4.28M 0.9% T12.15804
Mid-life Alex is devastated when he learns Ron showed Abby his favorite movie, "Star Wars," for the first time, a moment he had been waiting for. Also, in 1991, Young Alex convinces Justin to sneak out of the house to watch "Star Wars" on the big screen, and in 2042 Older Alex finds himself working for Eleanor at the diner.
5 5 Family Tree Craig Gerard &
Matthew Zinman
Matt Sohn October 23, 2017 4.647M 0.9% T12.15806
When Mid-life Alex helps his daughter, Abby, with a family tree project, he's tempted to find his biological father. Also, Young Alex must perform at Ron's family reunion talent show, and Older Alex meets Older Abby's new boyfriend.
6 6 New Job Lauren Pomerantz James Alan Hensz October 30, 2017 3.909M 0.7% T12.15805
Mid-life Alex contemplates accepting a new job offer and leaving his partnership with Darryl. Also, Young Alex works with Young Darryl on an invention for his school's Invention Convention, and Older Alex meets Eleanor's fiancé, a contractor helping to fix his roof.
7 7 Field Trip Richard Brandon Manus Steve Pink July 7, 2018 T12.15807
Mid-life Alex becomes friends with another dad at Abby's school, Ben, without realizing he's the guy who ruined his marriage. Also, Young Alex competes for Nori's attention on a field trip, and Older Alex runs into his former business rival, Kelly Frasier.
8 8 Home Alone Ben Joseph Matt Sohn July 7, 2018 T12.15808
Young Alex and Justin panic when they are left home alone for the first time and think someone is breaking in. Also, Mid-life Justin notices Mid-life Alex financially struggling and asks for his help with a new business proposition, and Older Alex and Justin become emotional when they return home to sell their parents' house.
9 9 Thanksgiving Susanna Wolff Steven Tsuchida July 14, 2018 T12.15809
Darryl and Wendy set up Mid-life Alex on a blind date during Thanksgiving dinner. Also, Young Alex and Justin compete to impress Nori's brother when Nori and her brother join their family for Thanksgiving, and Older Alex goes to the diner to see Eleanor on Thanksgiving Day and is surprised when Kelly shows up.
10 10 Video Games Joe Port &
Joe Wiseman
Steve Pink July 14, 2018 T12.15810
11 11 Phil Ricozzi Bob Kushell Alex Reid July 21, 2018 T12.15811
12 12 The Breakup Craig Gerard &
Matthew Zinman
John Fortenberry July 21, 2018 T12.15812
13 13 There She Goes Ben Joseph &
Susanna Wolff
Bill Purple July 21, 2018 T12.15813
Teleplay by Richard Brandon Manus & Lauren Pomerantz