Match Game (1979)

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Match Game (1979)
Premiere September 10, 1979
Finale September 10, 1982
Creator Ira Skutch
Host Gene Rayburn
Network/Provider First-run syndication
Style 30-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions,
(Celebrity Productions, The Match Game Company)
Distributor Jim Victory Television (original)
Fremantle North America (current)
Seasons 3
Episodes 525
Origin USA

Match Game is a daily game show that aired in first-run syndication. It was the fourth version of Match Game and succeeded the second version as a daytime version upon moving from CBS, as the third version still ran weekly during early prime time access.

This was virtually identical to the CBS show except that two players played two games, and there was no $100 payoff to the winner of the game (which meant that a player could win both games, strike out completely in both Super-Matches and go home with nothing--save for the parting gifts announced at the end). When time permitted, Gene Rayburn would give audience members a chance to win $50 a piece by having them guess the answer to a fill-in-the-blank written by a celebrity.

There was talk about reviving Match Game for syndication in 1985, but when stations and then-syndicator Jim Victory Television found out that Gene Rayburn was at the time pushing 70 years old, the revival plans were scuttled. As a result, repeats of this edition were syndicated starting early 1985.



Person   Duration
Main Cast
Brett Somers
Charles Nelson Reilly
McLean Stevenson 1981-82


Season  Premiere Finale #
First-run syndication
Season One September 10, 1979 1980 175
Season Two 1980 1981 175
Season Three 1981 September 10, 1982 175


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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