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Lost in Space

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Lost in Space
Lost in Space-Logo.JPG
Premiere September 15, 1965
Finale March 6, 1968
Airs Sundays at 1 AM on MeTV
Creator Irwin Allen
Network/Provider CBS
Style 60-minute science fiction
Company Irwin Allen Productions,
Van Bernard Productions,
Jodi Productions,
20th Century Fox Television,
Distributor 20th Century Fox Television (until 1989)
20th Television (1989–2020)
Disney-ABC Domestic Television (2020– )
Seasons 3
Episodes 83
Origin USA

Lost in Space is a science fiction adventure that aired on CBS.

Though the TV series concept centered on the Robinson family, many later story lines focused primarily on Dr. Zachary Smith who is a medical doctor, originally an utterly evil would-be killer who became a sympathetic anti-hero by the end of the first season, providing comic relief to the TV show (and causing most of the episodic conflict). Smith was not in the unaired pilot and neither was the robot. A meteor storm in the unaired pilot put them off course. In the first aired episode, Smith's sabotage and unintended presence put them off course so that they encountered the meteors. In the unaired version, they were going at such a relatively slow speed that they wondered if they were on Mars. In the pilot, just seconds of hyper-drive and they were lost, unknown light years from Earth.

The Robot was performed by Bob May in a prop costume built by Bob Stewart. The voice was dubbed by Dick Tufeld, who was also the series' narrator.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Guy Williams Prof. John Robinson * * *
June Lockhart Dr. Maureen Robinson * * *
Mark Goddard Major Don West * * *
Marta Kristen Judy Robinson * * *
Billy Mumy Will Robinson * * *
Angela Cartwright Penny Robinson * * *
Jonathan Harris Dr. Zachary Smith * * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 15, 1965 April 27, 1966 29
Season Two September 16, 1966 April 26, 1967 30
Season Three September 6, 1967 March 6, 1968 24


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1)
The Complete First Season January 13, 2004 purchase 8
Season Two, Volume One September 14, 2004 purchase 4
Season Two, Volume Two November 30, 2004 purchase 4
Season Three, Volume One March 1, 2005 purchase 4
Season Three, Volume Two July 19, 2005 purchase 3

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