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Actor Brad William Henke
First Appearance 5x09 - Namaste
Last Appearance 6x01 - LA X (1)
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 6

Bram was a passanger of Ajira Airways Flight 316, flying from Los Angeles to Guam. He is played by Brad William Henke and has appeared in six episode to date.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Season Five

Episode Appearances

  1. 5x09 - Namaste
  2. 5x12 - Dead Is Dead
  3. 5x13 - Some Like It Hoth
  4. 5x16 - The Incident (1)
  5. 5x17 - The Incident (2)
  6. 6x01 - LA X (1)

Character History

Memorable Moments