Logan's Run

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Logan's Run
Logan's Run-Title.jpg
Premiere September 16, 1977
Finale February 6, 1978
Based on characters created by
William F. Nolan and
George Clayton Johnson
Network/Provider CBS
Style 60-minute sci-fi adventure
Company Goff-Roberts-Steiner Productions,
MGM Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 14
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Logan's Run is a sci-fi adventure that aired on CBS. The series is based on the successful cult movie of the same name. The story is set in a future where nuclear wars have forced people to set up thier own cities beneath domes to protect them from the outside world. The populations are kept under control by a method known as 'Carousel', when a city dweller reaches thirty they take part and are believed to be 'Renewed' into a new life, in reality they are being terminated. A girl named Jessica 5, (the inhabitants of the city don't have surnames, but numbers distinguish people with alike names from one another) is certain there is no renewal, and like many others decides to run. The policing of the domes is done by Sandmen, who are sworn to kill anyone who tries to run from the city, but one such Sandman - Logan 5 is persuaded to run with Jessica. Jessica tells Logan that there is a place called 'Sanctuary', where runners can be safe. The two decide to run and try to find this place. Pursued by fellow Sandman, and best friend-turned enemy Francis, Logan and Jessica search for Sanctuary. During their search they will come upon many different cities, some friendly, some not so friendly. In the first city they meet and befriend an android called Rem, who joins them on their journey and becomes a useful ally.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Gregory Harrison Logan 5
Heather Menzies Jessica 6
Donald Moffat Rem
Randy Powell Francis 7


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 16, 1977 February 6, 1978 14


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Series April 10, 2012 purchase 3

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