Laramie/The Star Trail

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The Star Trail
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate October 13, 1959
Writer(s) Douglas Heyes
Director(s) Douglas Heyes
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Fugitive Road
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The Lawbreakers
LaramieSeason One

Guest Stars: Lloyd Nolan (Tully Hatch), Patricia Barry (Evie), Mildred Von Hollen (Ma), William Bryant (Curly)


Plot Overview

Vic Stoddard comes to Rock Spring to mail a letter only he's gunned down by Curly Troy, son of a powerful local rancher. Curly mails the letter anyway, which is addressed to Jess Harper. Jess travels to Rock Spring because of Vic's letter only find his friend dead. Angry, Jess tries to goad Curly into gunfight but Sheriff Tully Hatch cools both hotheads down. It doesn't stop Curly from making another try for Jess later that night, but it costs him his life. Jess decides to stay in Rock Springs and becomes Sheriff Hatch's deputy and immediately there is a bank robbery that nets the thieves most of the deposits of the town. When Jess and the sheriff split up during the pursuit. Hatch ends keeping the money because of his infatuation with Evie the saloon girl. He wants to impress Evie and she only has eyes for money. The third robber is loose and looking for the stolen money while Sheriff Hatch is busy making plans to run with Evie.