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The Lawbreakers
Season 1, Episode 6
Airdate October 20, 1959
Writer(s) Jay Simms
Director(s) Lesley Selander
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The Star Trail
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The Iron Captain
LaramieSeason One

Co-Starring: John McIntire (Judge Barnaby Cade), James Best (Dallas)

With: Christopher Dark (Rickert), Rayford Barnes (Marcy), Bartlett Robinson, Bob Anderson, Michael Morgan, Fred Coby


Plot Overview

Judge Barnaby Cade is a wily old drunk just released from prison and on the trail of the ill-gotten gains from bank robberies, stage hold up and an army payroll robbery that he and the Chawcktaw Johnson gang stole. The problem is he doesn't know exactly where it is and needs a guide to help him find it. An investigator from the Adjutant General of the Army has been been following Cade since his release from prison, hoping that he will lead him to the money. When Cade gets thrown in jail for being very drunk and somewhat disorderly, the investigator approaches the sheriff about Cade. The sheriff suggests Slim Sherman to pose as a guide but it's decided that Slim is too well known to pull it off so Jess Harper agrees to masquerade as a down on his luck guide for Cade. So begins a journey that finds Jess slowly outnumbered as men from Chawcktaw's gang join the ranks, each carrying a piece of the route and each fearing the rest as they reveal their piece of the route to the money. The men are slowly being picked off as the danger to Jess grows until the final showdown between Cade and Chawcktaw over the money.