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Airdate June 3, 2006
Production Number 000
Written by Aaron Springer
Directed by Aaron Springer
Korgoth of Barbaria

Pilot is the pilot episode of Korgoth of Barbaria. Gog-Ma-Gogg recruits Korgoth to steal a golden idol from the wizard Specules. It is the only episode of the series, as it was not picked up by Adult Swim, despite popularity when first broadcast in 2006.

Voice Cast: Diedrich Bader (Korgoth/Henchman #1), Corey Burton (Specules/Narrator/Doorman/Henchman #2), John DiMaggio (Stink/Skrotus/Henchman #4), Tom Kenny (Hargon/Henchman #3), Craig T. Raisner (Gog-Ma-Gogg/Bargot), Susan Spano (Orala),


Plot Overview

A group of men, consisting of Hargon, Skrotus, Bargrot, and others, head to a bar called The Whore's Nipple (which is supposed to be The Dragon's Kneecap). They're there to recruit Korgoth to steal a golden idol from the wizard Specules for their master Gog-Ma-Gogg. After a brutal fight ensues, they take Korgoth to Gog-Ma-Gogg, who explains that Specules hasn't been at his floating castle in a long time and is assumed dead.

Korgoth initially refuses to go along with it, but soon gives in after learning that Gog-Ma-Gogg has fed Korgoth poison through his dinner. Korgoth almost strangles Gog-Ma-Gogg to death, but since only he has the antidote to the poison, Korgoth backs down and decides to go on the assignment. He takes with him Gog-Ma-Gogg's best men, and a couple of his lesser men "just for fun," to the castle.

On their way, they manage to rescue Orala, who was chained to a living tree in a swamp. She and Korgoth later become intimate. As the group approaches the floating castle, Korgoth advises everyone to slather themselves in bird feces so that the giant birds will fly them to the castle, which they all obey after one of the men is killed by not doing so.

When they arrive at the castle, Korgoth heads straight for Specules' room while the others loot the place. It's soon revealed that Specules is alive, and was only on a cruise, when he returns to the castle in the middle of all the looting. He casts spells on Gog-Ma-Gogg's men which cause them to do things like hurt each other and tongue-kiss. Specules then finds Korgoth about to steal the idol, but tries to stop him by using a magic stick of chewing gum which Specules can manipulate and transform into various beasts. Korgoth defeats the living gum and tries to take back the idol, but Specules blasts Korgoth in the head to cast a spell on him. Luckily, and unluckily, Orala runs into the room and bumps into Specules, causing him to fall back and divert his spell away from Korgoth and right at Orala, which blows her head apart. Korgoth retaliates by shoving candles into Specules eyes, which burns his body. Korgoth then notices Orala's headless body moving and reaches for it, but it turns out Specules has taken control of her body, and he flies off into the sky.

Korgoth returns to Gog-Ma-Gogg with the idol and receives the antidote, but it turns out the antidote is in dozens of bottles and will take "several seasons to work." Korgoth leaves Gog-Ma-Gogg's place, with his prescription in tow.


  • Ending: Korgoth is going to the bathroom in an open tree-stump while reading a newspaper.


The Show

  • Internet: This episode premiered on Adult Swim Fix on June 2, 2006, before it was aired on television.

Behind the Scenes