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Michael Fairgate
Knots Landing
Actor Patrick Peterson
First Appearance 1x01- Pilot
Last Appearance Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac (1)
Series Billing Billed
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Michael Fairgate is a fictional character from the series Knots Landing. He is the youngest child of Karen and Sid Fairgate. He was portrayed by actor Patrick Peterson from the series debut in 1979 to 1991, and the 1997 reunion movie.


Character History

Michael was born in Knots Landing in California. Michael was a very active child. In reality, he suffered from disorders of hyperactivity. Instead of having to take ritalin, his parents, Sid and Karen Fairgate, preferred to modify his behavior and found heaps of activities to him in order to channel his energy. Sid later died, and Michael was terrified that Karen might die as well. When Karen started to see Mack in 1982, he was very supportive of the union, unlike Eric and Diana. He was happy when Karen and Mack married because Mack provided him with the father figure that he needed.

While attending college, Michael worked part-time at Knots Landing Motors. When Karen understood that Eric and Michael did not want to continue with the dealership, Karen ended up selling the family business. Karen hoped that Michael would stay in school, but he was interested in the business world. He and his project partner, Ellen, conceived an anti-virus computer program that Greg Sumner bought for $100,000. Then Michael left the university to work with the Sumner Group.

Poor Michael did not have much chance with the women. There was Paige Matheson, Mack's daughter. Michael really liked her but she dumped him for Peter Hollister. Then, Michael met Jodi Campbell by saving her from drowning. But the relationship did not work out. Then, his study partner, Ellen, preferred Johnny Rourke over him. Lastly, there was his sister-in-law Linda Fairgate. During Eric's absence, Linda and Michael started spending a lot of time together. Linda made Michael believe that Eric beat her then ends up sleeping with him. She ends up divorcing Eric for Michael, and Eric was none too pleased with that. They moved in together but Linda decided to leave him when she found Greg more interesting.

in 1991, Michael decided to leave the Sumner Group and to travel the country before going back to university. when he returned in 1997, he met a girl named Lori and married her. They have a child together.

Memorable Moments