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Joshua Rush
Knots Landing
Actor Alec Baldwin
First Appearance 6x02- Calculated Risks
Last Appearance 7x11- To Sing His Praise
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 40
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Joshua Rush was a character on Knots Landing portrayed by actor Alec Baldwin from 1984 to 1985.


Joshua's Introduction and Success

Joshua stepped into Val and Lilimae’s life as he tries to find out about his mother (Lilimae’s sister). What he didn’t realize was that LILIMAE was his real mother, who had abandoned him as a baby because she failed at being a good mother to him. Val tells her to tell Joshua the truth, which she does. After hearing the sad truth, Joshua is angry but Val tells him to give her a chance. He stays in Knots Landing, and meets and falls in love with Cathy. Soon, he gets a job at Pacific World Cable on Reverend Kathrun’s show "A Better Tomorrow" and is a big success when he starts guest preaching. Abby, who owns PWC along with Gary, makes him a regular host. He then tells Cathy that she ought to sing in church, not in bars and gets her to sing on his show, whether she wants to or not. After Cathy sings on one of the shows, Joshua tells the world that he and Cathy are to be man and wife- that’s NEWS to Cathy. Cathy fights him on it, but she relents when he proposes properly. Then Joshua starts controlling Cathy over wedding plans and their life after they get married. Cathy tells him that marriage is a partnership and that they work things out together. They finally get married on April 4, 1985.

The Decline and Fall

After the wedding, things start going sour for them in the 1985-1986 season as Joshua wants Cathy to sing on the show to drive up ratings. As Cathy got more popular, Joshua got so jealous that he ends up being a bully and abusive towards her. Then the inevitable happened- Joshua doesn’t show up for a taping, and his show is given to Cathy. Joshua then takes up with a waitress named Linda, which causes Cathy to break up with him and he moves in with Val while Cathy moves in with Laura. Joshua then starts lying to Cathy and tries to get her to come back. In the process, he ends up getting kicked out of Val’s house, knocks Laura down trying to get to Cathy and basically gets a restraining order from Mac. In one last attempt, Joshua decides that the only way he and Cathy will be together is if they DIE together. He kidnaps Cathy, takes her to the roof of a building, and attempts to throw her off and himself as well. Lilimae, while looking for Cathy, finds them on the roof, and yell at him for being a monster to everyone who had ever loved him. As Lilimae renounces him “Don’t call me mother, I’m not your mother! You’re not my son! How could I have given birth to anyone as cold and cruel..” Joshua backs off the edge of the roof and falls to his death below.

Memorable Moments