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Ben Gibson
Knots Landing
Actor Douglas Sheehan
First Appearance 5x01- The People vs. Gary Ewing
Last Appearance 8x29- Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 114
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Benjamin Gibson is a fictional character on the series Knots Landing. He was portrayed by actor Douglas Sheehan from 1983 to 1987.


Early life

Ben Gibson was born and raised in Stuebenville, Ohio. When he was young, his father returned one evening after work, piled up all the pieces of furniture in the living room and put fire to the house. His father was sent to an asylum but could ultimately, recover his mental health entirely.

Jean Hackney

When Ben was in college getting his journalism degree, he joined a clandestine group working for the C.I.A. where he met Jean Hackney. After some operations, the group put a bomb in a building but an innocent man was killed there. After this tragedy event, Ben decided to successfully leave the group and continue his studies in journalism.

The Traveling Reporter

Ben became a freelance reporter traveling the world to report conflicts. Then, Ben decided to return to the United States and bought a house on the beach in Knots Landing. He then met Valene Ewing, who kept her distance when she learned that he was a reporter and that he was using her to get the story about her involvement with Ciji Dunne's murder case.

Missing in Action

Even though they had a new relationship, Ben realized that Val still loved her ex-husband, Gary Ewing. When Val that she was pregnant, she told Ben that Gary was the father. Ben decided to leave her. But they got back together and he accepted a mission in El Salvador where his jeep fell into a ambush and the other journalists who were on board were killed. Ben was found and was looked after by nuns and returned to Knots Landing. During its absence, Gary had been killed but quickly Ben realized that it was a scheme assembled by Mack. However, they kept the truth from Valene, but she discovered it.

Val and Ben get Married

By the fall of 1984, Ben was working at Pacific World Cable owned by the schemy Abby. He let everyone believe that he was the father of Val's everyone believe that he was the father of Val's twins. Shortly after, Valene lost her twins courtesy of Abby Ewing, they were sold illegally. Valene then disappeared and lost her mind. She eventually returned and got her babies back. She and Ben began dating again. Valene and Ben were married on November 21, 1985. Ben's condition was that he remains the twin's sole father. This was difficult because Gary knew that he had fathered the babies and wanted to be part of their lives. As a result, Valene and Ben's marriage began to fall apart. Ben began an affair with Cathy Geary and by the spring of 1986 he decided to leave Valene and go on a tour with Cathy.

Jean Hackney Returns, and He Disappears

By the fall of 1986, Ben calmed down and returned to Valene. The two starting repairing their relationship. Until, the evil Jean Hackney threatened to kill Ben and his family if Ben did not murder the wealthy tycoon Gregory Sumner. With the help of investigator Mack Mackenzie, Ben managed to get the upper hand. However, it was too late. The events involving Jean Hackney caused Ben to become mentally unstable. Ben decided to leave Knots Landing for good and disappeared in South America. No one really knows what happened to Ben.

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