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Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate September 20, 2006
Written by Lauren Schmidt
Jonathan Shapiro
Directed by Paul McCrane
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Wrongful Death
JusticeSeason One
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Addicts is the fourth episode of the first season of Justice, and the fourth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Nikki Reed (Molly Larusa), Michael Badalucco (Frank Larusa), Joelle Carter (Amber Wilson), Erin Daniels (Betsy Harrison), Andi Eystad (Kate Lambert), Laurie Searle (A.D.A Lang), Justin Cuomo (Dave), Mark Deklin (Dr. Matthew Shaw), Harvey Levin (Himself), Mia Suh (Jury Foreperson)


Plot Overview

Daniel Benson, son of legendary studio head Scott Benson, has fallen to his death from the tenth floor of a fancy rehab center. The police believe that it is murder, and they say that they have an eyewitness who can identify the killer, Daniel's ex-girlfriend Molly Larusa. The two were dating while they were in rehab.

Both Molly and her dad Frank have a long standing relationship with Tom Nicholson, and Frank visits TNT&G for help. Eventually Molly, who was missing from the center, is tracked down at a night-club kissing a woman and high on heroin, and informed of her dire circumstances.

Tom is first chair until the close relationship with the Larusa family causes problems in the case. Luther Graves takes over as first chair. Luther tried many drug addicts as a D.A., and is not fond of Molly.

An examination is made and the heroin in Molly's system is tracked down. TNT&G cleans Molly up by giving her a pill to cleanse the heroin out of her system. They then drop her off at church, where Betsy calls in a friendly tip to police. The police then arrest Molly

Ron interviews TMZ.com, Alden recreates the crime scene, and Luther digs through the DA's story.

Tom punches the bouncer, Dave, whom he thinks is supplying Molly with heroin. After some talking, Dave informs TNT&G that he sells the drugs to one of the counselors at the center, a woman named Amber Wilson.

Amber and the eyewitness Kate Lambert are interviewed by Betsy and Luther. One thing leads to another, and Molly is arrested and charged with murder, with Amber the chief witness for the prosecution (co-murderer).

Molly keeps lying, looking guilty. She lies about not knowing where she was the day that her ex-boyfriend died. She also lies about not knowing Amber, who is her lover. Amber claims that she and Molly killed Daniel together, and has love letters to prove it.

Molly gets drunk and cannot testify, so Luther breaks the case with the cross-examination of Amber. He tries to prove that Amber is lying and pokes holes in the re-enactment of how she and Molly pushed Daniel off the balcony. TNT&G gets a 'Not Guilty' verdict for Molly while Amber is arrested. Tom fires Molly as a client.

The murder of Daniel Benson: Molly and Daniel fight, and he slaps her. Daniel uses Molly's credit card to take another hit of heroin on the balcony. He faces the railing. Amber comes into the room to comfort Molly. In a rage, Amber pushes Daniel over the edge. He falls, face first. After seeing what Amber did, Molly tears up and runs out of the room.


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Molly Larusa: Thank you.

Tom Nicholson: If you keep digging holes for yourself, at some point, people are gonna stop throwing down a rope, like now. Sometimes lawyers fire their clients, and that's what I'm doing. I can't be your lawyer anymore, Molly.

Frank Larusa: You think this was my fault.

Luther Graves: I say to my kids, "I am not your friend. I am your father." I probably say 'no' to them nine out of 10 times. And if I ever found out they'd ever used drugs... I would kill them myself.

Frank Larusa: No, you wouldn't.

Alden Tuller: Is Molly ready?

Tom Nicholson: I don't know, honestly. She's pretty fragile right now. What?

Alden Tuller: You've been so worried about taking care of Molly, you're losing sight of your job. You're supposed to be getting Molly ready to testify. You want to know why Molly's so troubled? She's surrounded by enablers, and you're one of them.

Tom Nicholson: Come on, pull it together. We need you to take the stand tomorrow, confident.

Molly Larusa: Confident? Then give me a drink or something stronger.

Tom Nicholson: What did you just say to me?

Molly Larusa: I was kidding. It was a joke.

Molly Larusa: They read my letters? God, they're gonna think I'm a lesbian or something, right?

Tom Nicholson: No. They think you're a killer, Molly, and I wouldn't worry about what they think of your sex life.

Ron Trott: You know those dogs in Alaska that pull sleds in that race?

Tom Nicholson: The Iditarod?

Ron Trott: Yeah. You know what they do to the lead dog when he's not the lead dog anymore?

Tom Nicholson: No, Ron. What?

Ron Trott: They shoot him. Once they're not lead dog, they go crazy. We can't afford to shoot you, Tom. Learn to be a second chair. It's a skill worth having.

Dave: Mr. Trott, I'm Dave. I'm a huge fan. Hey if I ever get arrested...

Ron Trott: Did you sell drugs to someone at the center or not?

Dave: What do I get if I tell you?

Tom Nicholson: (punches Dave) What you get is that we don't turn you into the police or sue you on behalf of Molly's father for poisoning his daughter.

Betsy Harrison: Do you miss it? Doing God's work.

Luther Graves: Sometimes. The pay's better here. My kids get to have toppings with their pizza now.

Frank Larusa: It's hard to raise kids.

Ron Trott: I know. That's why I never had any.

(about eyewitness Kate Lambert)

Luther Graves: If she's an addict, she's a liar. They all are.

Tom Nicholson: That's a little harsh.

Luther Graves: Not if you've dealt with them.

Tom Nicholson: Maybe we should keep Molly here until the drugs wear off.

Ron Trott: I have a better idea. Have her father bring her some new clothes. We'll clean her up and toss her back in the street. We can find an A.A. meeting in Hollywood, can't we?

Ron Trott: (about the police) If they've got a warrant, we gotta turn her in. If we don't, it looks like she's hiding. And hiding is bad. Hiding looks guilty.

Ron Trott: Get Molly tested and keep Frank away from her until this case is over.

Tom Nicholson: He's her dad, Ron. He's worried. Molly's his only child. He's gonna want to be there for her.

Luther Graves: He spent his life being there for her. It hasn't done him much good.

Ron Trott: Leave, Frank. Now.

Frank Larusa: What? No. I'm staying with her.

Tom Nicholson: Look Frank, what she tells us is privileged. What she says in front of you isn't. There's no father-daughter privilege.

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