Jericho (2006)

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Premiere September 20, 2006
Finale March 25, 2008
Creator Jonathan E. Steinberg
Josh Schaer
Stephen Chbosky
Network/Provider CBS
Style 60-minute future based drama
Company Junction Entertainment
Fixed Mark Productions
CBS Paramount Network Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 29
Origin USA

Jericho is an hour-long post-apocalyptic drama series set in a rural Kansas town that aired on CBS.

The storyline of the series revolves around Jericho, a small town that bears witness to a nuclear attack of unknown origin against the United States. The town, including prodigal son Jake Green, is forced to resolve their differences and band together to survive in a world where they believe that they may be some of the few survivors left in the nation. But while they work towards progress, there are some agents in the town which may know more about the attacks than they are letting on.

The 2006–2007 season was one which saw a strong development in cross-medium promotion of series, Jericho included. Executive producer Carol Barbee explained in an online interview that a series of webisodes would flesh out a unique story that would eventually dovetail into the main series. Beyond Jericho was attacked by the WGA because of a disagreement over payment for these episodes and by fans for having terribly lackluster acting. The episodes were eventually scrapped and replaced with Countdown, a second webisode series which acted as a prequel to the nuclear attack. The series also employed discreet Morse Code messages which tipped the viewer to clues and hints to what was going on behind the scenes of the attack.

After a lengthy hiatus and lackluster ratings stemming from being in direct competition with American Idol, CBS announced that the series would not be brought back for the 2007–2008 season during its annual upfronts. This decision was met with surprise from its cult audience, which was teased with a cliffhanger season finale. Ingenious fans formed grassroots petitions to convince CBS to bring the series back. The most notable of the campaigns involved fans sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS's headquarters. Executives admitted to filtering e-mails from Jericho fans because they were coming in at such magnitude that they overwhelmed CEO Leslie Moonves.

On June 6, 2007, CBS president Nina Tassler announced that they reconsidered their cancellation notice and would bring back Jericho for a seven episode midseason replacement in 2008 with a possibility of extension based on ratings. However, the ratings did not pick up, and it was announced that the second season would be its last.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast
Skeet Ulrich Jake Green 1 2
Ashley Scott Emily Sullivan 1 2
Lennie James Robert Hawkins 1 2
Michael Gaston Gray Anderson 1 2
Sprague Grayden Heather Lisinski 1 2
Erik Knudsen Dale Turner 1 2
Kenneth Mitchell Eric Green 1 2
Brad Beyer Stanley Richmond 1 2
Shoshannah Stern Bonnie Richmond 1 2
Alicia Coppola Mimi Clark 1 2
Pamela Reed Gail Green 1 2
Gerald McRaney Mayor Johnston Green 1
Season numbers in red indicate a recurring or guest role in that season.
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Sterling Ardrey Samuel Hawkins 1 2
Candace Bailey Skylar Stevens 1 2
Clare Carey Mary Bailey 1 2
Aasif Mandvi Dr. Kenchy Dhuwalia 1 2
David Meunier Russell 1 2
Timothy Omundson Phil Constantino 1 2
April D. Parker Darcy Hawkins 1 2
Jazz Raycole Alison Hawkins 1 2
Richard Speight, Jr. Deputy Bill Koehler 1 2
Bob Stephenson Deputy Jimmy Taylor 1 2
D.B. Sweeney John Goetz 1 2
Shiloh Fernandez Sean Henthorn 1
Beth Grant Gracie Leigh 1
Siena Goines Sarah Mason 1
James Remar Jonah Prowse 1
Kristen Rodriguez Lisa Whalley 1
Darby Stanchfield April Green 1
Christopher Wiehl Roger Hammond 1
Esai Morales Major Edward Beck 2
Emily Rose Trish Merrick 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 20, 2006 May 9, 2007 22
Season Two February 12, 2008 March 25, 2008 7
Beyond Jericho September 21, 2006 September 21, 2006 1
Countdown October 26, 2006 May 9, 2007 22


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Complete Series June 17, 2008 8


Season Sets
The First Season October 2, 2007 6


The Second Season June 17, 2008 2


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