It Takes Two (1997)

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It Takes Two (1997)
Premiere March 10, 1997
Finale May 30, 1997
Creator Ralph Andrews (original series)
Host Dick Clark
Network The Family Channel
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Phillips Philms & Telephission
MTM Enterprises
Seasons 1
Episodes 60
Origin USA

It Takes Two (1997) was a revival of the It Takes Two game show that previously aired on NBC from 1969 to 1970.

Three couples are presented with a question with numerical answers, such as "How much did Thomas Jefferson pay for the Louisiana Purchase?" or "How many cities in the world have a population of over 1 million?" Each spouse secretly writes down a response and then when called upon places that response in a card holder. The responses are each averaged out. Whoever is closest to the exact answer wins $100, the second closest wins $75. Money values increased with each question with the last question worth $1000 for closest answer and $500 for second closest.

The top scoring couple played the "Brainteaser" bonus round, attempting to come up with a numerical answer within 25% of the actual answer to win a bonus prize.