Hollywood's Talking

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Hollywood's Talking
Premiere March 26, 1973
Finale June 22, 1973
Creator Richard Kline
Host Geoff Edwards
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Jack Barry Productions
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Hollywood's Talking was a game show airing weekday afternoons on CBS. It was a revival of the 1967 ABC game show Everybody's Talking.

The show pits three players who view a videotape of celebrities talking about a subject without mentioning it out loud. Any of the players could ring in if they knew what the subject was. If a player correctly identified the subject after 1/3 of the tape was shown, it was worth $150. (If a player is incorrect, he/she is out of the round and the tape continues.) A correct answer after 2/3 of the tape is shown is worth $100, and a correct answer after the entire tape is shown is worth $50.

The first player to $250 wins the game and goes on to the the bonus round called "Short Subjects." A tape of celebrities talking about subjects is shown, and in sixty seconds he/she must identify up to five. Each correct response increases his/her winnings by the amount by which he/she won the game, and a fifth correct answer adds a bonus of $1000.

Jack Barry Productions produced the show, which was hosted by Geoff Edwards. The week after the final Hollywood's Talking show, all three networks were telecasting the Watergate hearings. The following Monday in Hollywood's Talking's spot was Match Game '73.