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There is a strange symbol that reoccurs frequently in Heroes: A helix-like shape appears in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • On the cover of Chandra Suresh's book "Activating Evolution"
  • In a light cube on Chandra Suresh's office desk.
  • Hidden in the gibberish code of Chandra Suresh's genetics profiling program.
  • A post-it note on the map of the world in Mohinder Suresh's apartment.
  • The stick in the lizard's tank in Mohinder Suresh's apartment.
  • A post-it note in Iyer Sanjog's folder.
  • In the swimming pool at the scene of a double homicide committed by Gabriel Gray (aka Sylar).
  • Written on some of the pictures in Sylar's apartment.
  • A drawing by Peter Petrelli.
  • The cover of "9th Wonders Comic" #14, written and illustrated by Isaac Mendez.
  • Future Hiro's katana (engraved on the hilt).
  • Isaac's paintings that Hiro sees in the future (it was the subject of several renderings).
  • A painting of Niki by Isaac.
  • The symbol appears as a tattoo on the shoulder of Niki Sanders' alternate personality (Jessica), but it is not visible on her personality.
  • Drawn on the side of Claire Bennett's geometry textbook.
  • The necklace worn by "the Haitian" (Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man's mysterious assistant).
  • Graffiti on a bus stop in Utah.