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Nathan Petrelli

  • ...is the brother of Peter Petrelli
  • ...is the biological father of Claire Bennet
  • ...was asked by Mohinder Suresh if he had any special abilities
  • ...was seduced by Niki Sanders' alternate personality (Jessica) in Las Vegas
  • ...was abducted from his hotel room by the Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man
  • ...met Hiro Nakamura after escaping from the Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man

Peter Petrelli

  • ...is the brother of Nathan Petrelli
  • ...knows Simone Deveaux because he was the nurse for her father. Later they had sex.
  • ...met Isaac Mendez through Simone
  • ...went to see Mohinder Suresh after Nathan mentioned being accosted by a Suresh.
  • ...was accosted in the subway by Future Hiro Nakamura, who told him to wait for his call. He took Hiro's call, which was meant for Isaac.
  • ...met Ando outside the Burnt Toast Diner.
  • ...met Claire at Union Wells High and saved her from Sylar.

Isaac Mendez

  • ...was Simone Deveaux's boyfriend for two years.
  • ...met Peter Petrelli through Simone.
  • ...started receiving phone calls from Hiro Nakamura, although he couldn't understand Hiro.
  • ...painted pictures of Claire Bennet, Niki, Peter, and Sylar
  • ...taken to Odessa by Eden McCain
  • ...was told by Mr. Bennet that the cheerleader he was painting is his daughter.

Hiro Nakamura

  • ...is best friends with Ando Masahashi
  • ...went to the future where he saw the story of how he went to the future in a comic by Isaac Mendez. He started calling Isaac often to try and find out how and why.
  • ...passed Niki Sanders in the Montecito casino.
  • ...met Nathan Petrelli when he came in for a landing near a diner on the outside of Las Vegas. Got a ride back to town with him.
  • ...was in the bathroom with Ando when Niki's Alternate slaughtered the poker players.
  • ...met D.L. and Micah at an accident scene

Ando Masahashi

  • ...is best friends with Hiro Nakamura
  • ...watches Niki Sanders on her webcam and chats with her online. When in Las Vegas, he visited her.
  • ...was in the bathroom with Hiro when Niki's Alternate slaughtered the poker players.
  • ...was in the diner with Sylar
  • ...met Peter Petrelli at the diner.
  • ...met D.L. and Micah at an accident scene

Niki Sanders (aka Jessica)

  • ...wife to D.L. Hawkins.
  • ...mother of Micah Sanders, her child with D.L. Hawkins.
  • ...occasionally chatted with Ando Masahashi online
  • ...was blackmailed by Linderman into seducing Nathan Petrelli

Mohinder Suresh

  • ...son of Chandra Suresh
  • ...nearly met Mr. Bennet at his father's Madras apartment. Later met him in a taxi.
  • ...learned the possible identity of one of the supers, Nathan Petrelli, from Syler's map. Went to see Nathan, but Nathan didn't want to talk.
  • ...was tracked down by Peter Petrelli who did want to talk.

Mr. Bennet (aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man)

  • ...is the adoptive father of Claire Bennet
  • ...was searching the apartment of Chandra Suresh in Madras, India. Nearly encountered Mohinder Suresh there. He got into Mohinder's cab.
  • ...abducted Matt Parkman for a day
  • ...tried to abduct Nathan Petrelli
  • ...employed Eden McCain and the Haitian
  • ...abducted Theodore Sprague
  • ...asked Isaac Mendez for his help.

Claire Bennet

  • ...adopted daughter of Mr. Bennet
  • ...is the biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli
  • ...met Peter Petrelli at Homecoming.
  • ...was nearly murdered by Sylar

Eden McCain (aka Sarah Ellis)

  • ...associate of Mr. Bennet
  • ...possibly met Chandra Suresh
  • ...was spying on Mohinder Suresh
  • ...met Peter Petrelli when he came to see Mohinder
  • ...took Isaac Mendez to Odessa
  • ...met Matt Parkman six months ago and convinced him to eat donuts instead of arresting her for grand theft auto, among other charges

Sylar (aka Gabriel Grey)

  • ...was Chandra Suresh's Patient Zero.
  • ...was shot at by Matt Parkman.
  • ...was in the same diner as Hiro and Ando
  • ...Tried to kill Claire and Peter
  • ...Captured by Eden McCain and the Haitian.
  • ...was held in the building of Primatech Paper, Odessa by Mr Bennet
  • ...Is wanted by the FBI on many accounts of murder