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Genesis II (1973–1975) is a trilogy of TV movies about a futuristic, post-apocalyptic society in which order is maintained by an organization known as PAX. In all three movies, scientists or astronauts from the present are frozen in time and awaken to find a dystopian civilization governed by PAX, although the focus and intentions of PAX are different in each film. The first two films were created by Gene Roddenberry, and they were written with the intention of being his follow-up to Star Trek. The last film, Strange New World, had little to no direct involvement from Roddenberry. None of the three pilots were successful, and the would-be series remains something of a footnote to television history. Although the first film aired on CBS and starred Alex Cord as Dylan Hunt, the present-day adventurer who wakes up in the PAX-governed future, both of the latter two films aired on ABC and star John Saxon in the corresponding role. In Strange New World, his character's name would be "Anthony Vico." Robert Hewitt Wolfe would use the name Dylan Hunt and the concept of the hero coming out of suspended animation when developing the series Andromeda from various Roddenberry ideas. Andromeda debuted nine years after Roddenberry's death.


Title Release Date
Genesis II March 23, 1973
Planet Earth April 23, 1974
Strange New World July 13, 1975