Freakazoid!/The Chip (Acts I - III)

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The Chip (Acts I - III)
The Chip (Acts I - III)
Season 1, Episode 6
Airdate November 4, 1995
Production Number 106
Writer(s) Paul Rugg
Director(s) Dan Riba
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The Chip (Act IV)
Freakazoid!Season One

The Chip (Acts I - III) is the sixth episode of the first season of Freakazoid!. It is made up of one part, the origin story of Freakazoid hosted by Jack Valenti.

Starring The Voices Of: Paul Rugg (Freakazoid), Ricardo Montalban (Armondo Guitierrez), Jack Valenti (Himself), Craig Ferguson (Roddy MacStew), Tress MacNeille (Debbie Douglas), John P. McCann (Douglas Douglas), Edward Asner (Sgt. Cosgrove), Frank Welker (Mr. Chubbikins), Googy Gress (Duncan Douglas), David Kaufman (Dexter Douglas), Neil Ross (Board Member), Joe Leahy (Our Narrator)


Plot Overview

In this episode, Jack Valenti, president of the MPAA, hosts the story of Freakazoid's origin with the promise that we'll get to see a scene with a man wrestling a bear for no reason.

The story starts out at Apex, where Roddy MacStew reveals to the board of directors that their new Pinnicle chip is flawed. It has the possibility of beaming all the information on the internet into the mind of whoever activates the flaw, giving them superpowers. The possibility of a recall is entertained, but Guitierrez overrides the idea by threatening their Christmas bonuses and throwing Roddy out a window.

Cut to the Douglas home where the family is opening gifts on Christmas day. Duncan Douglas is given a set of weights and Dexter, ominously, gets a Pinnacle chip. After he installs it, Dexter logs onto the internet and wanders off in search of his destination code book. While he's up, the cat, Mr. Chubbikins, attempts to catch a moth, accidentally pressing a sequence of keys on the keyboard to activate the flaw. Dexter presses delete and Dexter is sucked into the internet. He is turned into Freakazoid and Act 1 ends.

At the beginning of act 2, outside the Apex building, Guitierrez and two of his guards notice Roddy's parking space empty. Guitierrez sends his men after Roddy and Roddy finds himself on the run because of this. Roddy is racing to the Douglas home to find Dexter after reports of a disruption in the internet is reported. Freakazoid takes over Dexter and wrestles Duncan, but is interrupted by Jack Valenti explaining the MPAA's rating system. He's stopped at PG-13. Posing as Dexter's driving instructor, Roddy comes to see Dexter. Jack Valenti comes back to explain the rest of the rating system. After Valenti finishes, Roddy offers Dexter to help focus his abilities. Before doing that, Guitierrez kidnaps the family, and Roddy, too. End act 2.

In act 3, Guitierrez has Roddy and Dexter tied up in his office. He offers to spare their lives if they'll tell him how to activate the chip's flaw. Roddy refuses and Dexter doesn't know. He threatens to put worms in their ears and to force Dexter's family to watch the best of Marty Ingles. Roddy relents and writes the code down. Guitierrez tells the guards to eliminate Roddy, Dexter and his family and the episode ends.


Emmitt Nervend Sightings

  • 1: Theme Song.
  • 2: After Dexter activates the flaw, about 7:49. A split-second shot of Emmitt appears.
  • 3: Before Dexter turns into Freakazoid, about 8:30. Another split-second shot appears.

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • Cosgrove Sidetrack: Cosgrove does not appear in this episode.
  • Emmitt Nervend Credit: Bobbie's New Boyfriend
  • Post Credits Quote: "...On paper it was funny."
  • First Appearance: This episode marks the first appearance of Cobra Queen, although she is uncredited.
  • The Flaw: The character sequence required to activate the flaw is "@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg"

Behind the Scenes

  • Isn't That The Same Thing?: The theme song changes "Freakazoo" to "Free kazoo" in this episode.
  • Character Design: Guitierrez's appearance is based on Ricardo Montalban, his voice actor.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Freakazoid running to Tibet to yell at a raking monk.
  • Jack Valenti interrupting to explain the MPAA's rating system.


  • Duncan: Dexter! Open the door, you little dip. I've gotta make tinky.
    Freakazoid: Well, hi, Sport! You must be Duncan! Nice to meet you, let's wrassle.
  • Freakazoid: Say Uncle!
    Duncan: Uncle!
    Freakazoid: Say Grandma Moses makes munchy meat most Monday mornings!
    Duncan: Grandma Moses makes munch... much... I can't!
  • Roddy: Per chance, is there a computer user living about this abode?
    Debbie: Oh, do you mean Dexter?
    Roddy: Aye, that's it. Dexter. Is he available?
    Debbie: And you are...?
    Roddy: Oh, I'm his um... [internally] What should I say?! I can't think! She'll never buy it! Crud! CRUD! I'm his insurance agent.
    Debbie: But he's only 17.
    Roddy: [internally] CRUD! I blew it! I blew it! Oh, I mean I'm uh his driving instructor. It's time for his lesson.
    Debbie: On Christmas Day?
    Roddy: He's a very bad driver.
  • Jack Valenti: But if the movie's rated NC-17, that means kids can't get in; Only adults can get in. Mom doesn't want to see adult movies, but Grandpa was in the army and he's not bothered very much so he decides to stay along with Sgt. Scruffy, who's just a dumb dog anyway. I hope that explains it. Now, back to the cartoon!
  • Mr. Chubbikins: Meow.
    Guitierrez: What does that mean? "Meow"? Bring the animal psychologist in! [enter the animal psychologist] Ask the kitty how to activate the flaw.
    Animal Psychologist: Meow meow meow?
    Mr. Chubbikins: Meow, meow.
    Animal Psychologist: Meow?
    Mr. Chubbikins: Meow meow.
    Animal Psychologist: He says he's very sad.
    Guitierrez: Oh, go away.