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Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate August 8, 2006
Production Number 104
Writer(s) teleplay
Harry Victor
& Dan E. Fesman
Varina Bleil
& Betsy Landis
Director(s) Marita Grabiak
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Eureka (2006)Season One

Alienated is the fourth episode of the first season of Eureka.

A congressman arrives in Eureka to review the budget for the town and Nathan attempts to keep a lid on the town's usual problems. Unfortunately for him, the congressman's arrival coincides with a series of disappearances and what appears to be an alien abduction.

Starring: Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Jack Carter), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake), Joe Morton (Henry Deacon), Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter (credit only)), Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark)

Also Starring: Erica Cerra (Deputy Jo Lupo), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo)

With: Matt Frewer (Jim Taggart)

And: Debrah Farentino (Beverly Barlowe)

Guest Starring: Garwin Sanford (Congressman Arnold Faraday), Chris Gauthier (Vincent), Shayn Solberg (Spencer Martin)

Co-Starring: Layla Alizada (Dr. Sharat), Daryl Shuttleworth (Global Security Tactical Commander)


Plot Overview

At the sheriff's department, Jo is giving Jack a hard time for not passing the advanced weaponry exam which is required before he can touch any of the futuristic weapons in the gun rack. He makes a supposition that she's giving him grief because she's still upset over him getting the sheriff job and not her. In retaliation, Jack sends Jo out to make Spencer keep down the noise on his movie night. She winds up joining Vincent, Taggart, Fargo and Spencer in watching a movie called They Came to Conquer that they stole off a satellite. After the movie is over, they leave and Spencer starts to watch the movie again. But, when something fools with his reception, he goes out to check on it and is engulfed in a mysterious bright light.

The next day, Allison expresses concern over a congressman coming into town for budget review. She attempts to get Jack to keep things quiet in the town for a couple days, but just as she makes that request, Henry already has an issue: Spencer is missing. While they make the search, Nathan sets the congressman up with Beverly and asks her to seduce him. However, in reality, the two are already having an affair. The search party finds Spencer naked in a crop circle while Taggart and Fargo watch them from the trees. While in the crop circle, Jack gets a call from Allison, who tells him that Fargo has disappeared.

Back at Beverly's place, the congressman attempts to find a way into Section 5 with Beverly's help. She tells him that he'll need to hold funding hostage in order to force Nathan into letting him into the area. Shortly after, Henry arrives with Spencer to see if Beverly can unlock some of his lost memories. Spencer sees the congressman's face warp when he comes down the stairs. At Global Dynamics, Fargo is still missing and Jack attempts to go in to question Dr. Sharat, who was working with him on a military project. He sits in on a test of a weapon that would subconsciously implant feelings of paranoia and rage in the minds of the subjects, causing them to turn on each other. The test doesn't work, however, and Sharat just tells him that Fargo lost his mind before he disappeared. Also suddenly missing are Jo and Vincent.

In his office, Jack confronts Jo about her anger towards him and tries to convince her to work with him to solve the missing persons case, but she knocks him out when he's not looking. Jack comes to later and discovers that the entire gun rack has been cleaned out. Jack heads over to Beverly's house to make sure that the four commandos don't try to retake Spencer. Meanwhile, the congressman puts on a decontamination suit and delves into Section 5, where he sees a bright light that puts him in awe. At Beverly's house, Allison and Jack stake out with a pulse gun and Spencer starts rambling about the congressman. Jack realizes the group's target isn't Spencer, but rather is Faraday. The group led by Jo force Stark to the side of the road, kidnap Faraday and shoot Stark with a tranquilizer dart.

Henry calls Jack from Spencer's trailer when he discovers that Spencer stole the movie he watched the night before off a digital transmission satellite and bounced it off another satellite from Global Dynamics to cover his tracks. Allison realizes that this was the satellite that was being used for the paranoia test that malfunctioned while the congressman was there. Nathan puts together a security enforcement team to take out Taggart and the others in his compound before the dissect the congressman. Despite Nathan's wishes, Jack goes into the compound and talks them down. They're taken to the testing facility where the signal is programmed to stimulate the pleasure centers of the subjects' brains to reverse the programming.


Arc Advancement


  • Espionage: Beverly is in league with Congressman Faraday and likely has used him as part of her plans for Eureka, considering that he has a large say over whether or not the city will continued to be funded by the government.
  • Section 5: Section 5 is opened up to personnel outside of the lab workers associated with the project. Stark gives the congressman access to what is inside and explains that it's terrestrial in origin, but they don't know who made it. They don't explain what exactly Faraday sees, but in the reflection of his suit, you can see a bright ball of light.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Waco, Texas: In 1993, ATF agents raided a ranch outside of Waco, Texas where a group of Davidians had gathered. The cult led by David Koresh had been accused of child abuse and aroused fears of being heavily armed in their ranch. When the ATF stormed the ranch, one of the two sides opened fire (it is disputed which fired the first shot) and the two fought until the ATF agents ran out of ammunition. The agents also tried to use gas to subdue the cultists, which may have spread several fires that sparked up during the assault. In all, over 80 cultists died in the assault, as well as 4 ATF agents.
Jack: If they see a bunch of people with weapons, this is going to get Waco really fast.

Memorable Moments