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Emile Genest

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Émile Genest
Born July 27, 1921 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Died March 19, 2003 in Hollywood, Florida, USA from a heart attack
Sometimes credited as Émile Genest
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Laurent DuBois 7x29 - The Matched Pearl April 24, 1962
Route 66 Emil Barraux 2x28 - There I Am, There I Always Am May 4, 1962
Ben Casey Dr. Bremmer 2x27 - Rage Against the Dying Light April 15, 1963
Gunsmoke Chouteau 8x37 - Jeb May 25, 1963
Gunsmoke Frisbie 9x34 - Homecoming May 23, 1964
Rawhide Curt Matheson 7x01 - Race September 25, 1964
Daniel Boone Lac Duquesne 1x06 - Lac Duquesne November 5, 1964
The Rogues Cevillat 1x09 - Take Me to Paris November 15, 1964
Twelve O'Clock High Belloc 1x14 - An Act of War December 25, 1964
Twelve O'Clock High Leduc 2x18 - Underground January 17, 1966
Run for Your Life Judge 1x17 - The Rediscovery of Charlotte Hyde January 24, 1966
Jericho (1966) 1x06 - The Big Brass Contraband October 20, 1966
Mission: Impossible Dr. Kronen 1x21 - Snowball in Hell February 18, 1967
Run for Your Life Georges Corot 2x30 - The Word Would Be Goodbye April 24, 1967
The Iron Horse Henri 2x06 - Grapes of Grass Valley October 21, 1967
Mission: Impossible Technician 2x25 - Recovery March 17, 1968
It Takes a Thief (1968) Boileau 2x05 - Get Me to the Revolution on Time October 22, 1968
Family Affair Monsieur Raynaud 3x17 - Oh, To Be in England January 27, 1969
Ironside Frank Rousseau 4x07 - Check, Mate: and Murder (1) October 29, 1970
Ironside Frank Rousseau 4x08 - Check, Mate: and Murder (2) November 5, 1970

Awards and Accolades