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Dorothy Neumann

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Dorothy Neumann
Born January 26, 1914 in New York, New York, USA
Died May 20, 1994 in Santa Monica, California, USA
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Perry Mason Ellen Crandall 2x05 - The Case of the Curious Bride October 18, 1958
Bonanza Ouisey McFadden 1x19 - The Gunmen January 23, 1960
General Electric Theater Aunt Lavinia 8x29 - Adam's Apples April 24, 1960
Perry Mason Leona Durant 3x22 - The Case of the Madcap Modiste April 30, 1960
The Twilight Zone Miss Chetfield 1x33 - Mr. Bevis June 3, 1960
The Andy Griffith Show Mrs. Otis Campbell 1x10 - Ellie for Council December 12, 1960
Bronco Prudence Harrod 3x04 - Ordeal at Dead Tree January 2, 1961
General Electric Theater Mrs. Wilton 9x19 - A Little White Lye February 5, 1961
The Andy Griffith Show Mrs. Otis Campbell 1x25 - A Plaque for Mayberry April 3, 1961
Thriller (1960) Ruthie Carta 2x06 - Masquerade October 30, 1961
Bonanza Woman 3x16 - The Tall Stranger January 7, 1962
Gunsmoke Mrs. Bales 7x18 - Old Dan January 27, 1962
The Andy Griffith Show Mrs. Otis Campbell 2x31 - Deputy Otis May 7, 1962
Gunsmoke Mrs. Pierson 7x33 - The Prisoner May 19, 1962
The Virginian Martha 1x06 - Big Day, Great Day October 24, 1962
Gunsmoke Mrs. Finney 8x34 - Old York May 4, 1963
Dr. Kildare Miss Sanderson 2x33 - A Hand Held Out in Darkness May 30, 1963
Bonanza 5x30 - Enter Thomas Bowers April 26, 1964
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Miss Pruitt 1x02 - The Iowa Scuba Affair September 22, 1964
Dr. Kildare Miss Plessy 4x04 - The Last Leaves on the Tree October 15, 1964
The Addams Family Mrs. Magruder 1x06 - Morticia Joins the Ladies League October 23, 1964
Gunsmoke Old Woman 10x05 - Doctor's Wife October 24, 1964
Gunsmoke Woman 10x25 - Breckinridge March 13, 1965
The Dick Van Dyke Show Doris 5x06 - Draw Me a Pear October 20, 1965
Gunsmoke Customer 11x28 - By Line April 9, 1966
F Troop Old Indian Woman 2x20 - Where Are You Doing After the Massacre? January 19, 1967
Bewitched Crone of Cawdor 3x27 - The Crone of Cawdor March 16, 1967
The Flying Nun Sister Mary 2x15 - Sister Socko in San Tanco January 16, 1969
The Wild Wild West Zenobia Finch 4x15 - The Night of the Winged Terror (1) January 17, 1969
Gunsmoke Emily Cushing 15x20 - Albert February 9, 1970
Mannix Cleaning Lady 4x02 - One for the Lady September 26, 1970
Gunsmoke Old Woman 17x19 - One for the Road January 24, 1972
The Waltons Fanny Tatum 1x15 - The Actress January 4, 1973
Mannix Gertrude 6x17 - A Matter of Principle January 14, 1973

Awards and Accolades