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Beyond Salem
Days of our Lives
Season Premiere July 11, 2022
Season Finale July 15, 2022
Episode Count 5

Beyond Salem (1)



Beyond Salem is the sixth season of Days of our Lives 43-49 minute webisodes premiered on July 11, 2022 with it only being released on Peacock.


# # Title Written By Directed By Released
Chapter 2
W36 1 Reunion Dave Ryan Albert Alarr July 11, 2022
Ben, Ciara and Baby Bo visit Hope as Bo watches from the heavens. John attends a Pride celebration with Paul. Steve and Kayla spend quality time with Stephanie, Joey and Tripp. as these families reunite, mysterious foes come between them.
Teleplay by David Kreizman
W37 2 Three Prisms Jamey Giddens Sonia Blangiardo-Goins July 12, 2022
Devious plans are made to unite the magical prisms. Harris charms Hope as Bo fumes. John and Steve are held captive as Paul and Andrew Donovan team up to find them. Joey and Tripp search for clues to find Steve and recruit an unexpected ally.
Teleplay by David Kreizman
W38 3 A Gala and a Wedding Katherine Shock Angela Tessinari July 13, 2022
Wendy, Joey, Tripp, Paul and Andrew prepare to attend a gala DiMera is hosting to reveal a prism. Li and Gabi partake in romance. Hope reveals the truth about marrying Harris to Ben and Ciara while Bo attempts to intervene.
Teleplay by Richard Culliton
W39 4 Extra Life Jeanne Marie Ford Scott McKinsey July 14, 2022
The DiMera gala is underway as guests from Salem come together. against their will, John and Steve plan to secure the prism but are interrupted by Marlena and Kayla. Ben and Ciara take on Harris and Megan. Bo and Hope are reunited.
Teleplay by Carolyn Culliton
W40 5 Second Chances Ryan Quan Noel Maxam July 15, 2022
All hell breaks loose at the gala as brainwashed John and Steve make a play for the prism while family and friends try to break the spell. At the botched wedding, Hope and Megan face off while Harris struggles within. Bo gets good news from Angela.
Teleplay by Kirk Doering

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