Crayon Shin-chan/Tooru Kazama

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Tooru Kazama
Crayon Shin-chan
Shin chan character tooru.jpg
Actors Mari Mashiba
Grey DeLisle (English/Lacey)
Brina Palencia (English/FUNi)
First Appearance
Last Appearance Still appearing
Series Billing Recurring

Tooru Kazama is a character from the Japanese animated series, Crayon Shin-chan.


Basic Information

Tooru Kazama is Shin-chan's well groomed, well mannered kindergarten friend. Despite his age, Kazama-kun tries to act more mature than he really is. For example, he claims to dislike Action Kamen, even though he knows an extensive amount about him and his show. Kazama is somewhat the opposite of Shin, and will sometimes try to rectify the mess that Shin has made.

Foreign Language Differences

Europe/South America

In the Vitello and Phuuz dubbed versions, Kazama retains the same personality traits, but goes by the name Cosmo, which sounds similar to his original surname.

North American

Unlike other foreign adaptations, Kazama's personality is heavily modified in the FUNimation adaptation of the series. In this version, Kazama goes by the name Georgie Prescott, III, and is a Japanese American kid. Georgie is a staunch conservative who is well informed of American politics and defends capitalism. He is opposed to all the acts considered immoral by Republicans, such as abortion and stem-cell research, as well as social services, gay rights, and affirmative action. Georgie lives in an upper-middle class home, which has a Mexican maid (which he abbreviates as a "Mexi-maid"). He can be borderline racist at times. Georgie's name is similar to George Prescott Bush, the grandson of former president George H.W. Bush.



(from North American version)
[Georgie builds a building out of blocks]

  • Georgie: And that is how housing projects are made. (thinking) Maintanence, zero dollars. Profiting from low-income families, priceless.